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Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

25 Sports and fitness became an integral part of the modern person caring of health. But exercises will not give the necessary results with an improper feeding. How to make so that trainings were not vain?

Today you go to sports hall. Someone anticipates this event since morning and carefully prepares: prepares the uniform, transfers a sit-round gathering with friends on the next day to cafe, and in the end of the working day quickly switches off the computer and runs in the nearest sport club. Another perceives a campaign in fitness club as necessity - it is necessary to support image of the active fashionable person. Some have got used to go in for sports since the childhood. But for all who has plunged also all other parts of a body into the world of fitness and a healthy way of life, the main thing is the result - that they will see in a mirror after many hours jogging or heats in pool. Unfortunately, not always the desirable effect from trainings becomes appreciable. After all many forget that the active rhythm of a life assumes a particular treatment and food structure.

So, before doing sports it is necessary to include fibers in a diet, carbohydrates, to exclude fats.

Fibers before training will not be an energy source; they are a source of amino acids for working muscles.

Carbohydrates before training are necessary to provide muscles and a brain with energy. During trainings "fuel" is burnt very quickly. Fat in a food before training should be absent, because it slows down work of a stomach and speed of digestion. The fat food can make a sick during training.

Caloric content of food should be usual. The volume food (the big portion of salad or a soup plate) is better for eating for an hour-two before exercises that it had time to be digested and the stomach has become empty. More dense food (or curd) can be eaten half-plates of porridge for 30-60 minutes prior to the beginning of training. The most important thing during training - not to forget to drink!

It is necessary to eat right after trainings; it is desirable first 20 minutes. If to abstain from food within two hours after the termination of exercises, training loses any meaning: as a result nothing trains; only some fat will be burned. Everything that will be eaten during this period will go on restoration of muscles and a gain of the muscular weight, any calorie from food will not turn to fat. It is very important! Also it is possible to eat any carbohydrate food which is not containing fat (bread, jam, sugar, a potato, macaroni, rice, fruit, vegetables, etc.).

Also it is possible within an hour after training to choose any albuminous food. The portion can be defined very simply: it should fit on your palm. Remember that fat this meal shouldn't contain fat at all. It will slow down receipt of carbohydrates and fibers from a stomach in blood. Therefore - if it is chicken - only breasts. If eggs - only white. Beef and pork should be avoided, as they usually very fat, prefer veal. As it is necessary to be cautious with cheese, milk, yoghurts and curds- as a rule, they contain not less than 5 % of fat.

After training within two hours it is desirable to exclude everything that contains caffeine: coffee, tea, cocoa and all chocolate (even albuminous powders with taste of chocolate).

Change a way of life, and you will get rid of superfluous kgs. Change the relation to meal. Basically, it is possible to eat everything, but small portions (4 - 6 table spoons). Include in the daily diet of more vegetables but limit fats and sweets. Eat 3-5 times a day, last food intake should be 4 hours before a dream. Increase physical activity. If there is no possibility to visit sports club, simply go on foot more. Adhere to these recommendations - you will be always beautiful and healthy!

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