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Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Probably, to everyone it is clear that health and a food are closely interconnected. The improper feeding can generate set of diseases, lower immunity, weaken of an organism. In particular, an excessive unhealthy food causes adiposity which, by the way, leads to occurrence of a hypertension, diabetes, an atherosclerosis with the raised risk of a heart attack and a stroke, to diseases of joints. In this connection it becomes clear that the excess weight problem is not only aesthetic question, but also a problem for physicians. And, first of all, such people need to choose a suitable diet - the plan of a food which is not supposing excesses.

Beauty and Youth of ballet dancers, movie stars, singers, elegance and grace of harmonious lines is only a consequence of physical activities. In many aspects depends on healthy food and correct feeding. Some of them are developed individually, others widespread among the show business world. Everyone chooses for himself an optimum variant, being based on the preferences. More strict ballet diets demand time and will power. But being limited only to atrophy, it is possible to reach enormous results. Please be friendly with Vitamins! Prefer house food instead to fat and fast food! Movement and fresh air are also very necessary!

Diet - the most effective way of growing thin, however it is not necessary to dismiss and other, not less important means of weight reduction. Numerous researches confirm that the short-term diet though it is effective, practically does not allow hoping for preservation of the lowered weight. Without playing sports and other actions to keep symmetry it is impossible!

Dreaming of a fine-molded figure and a slender waist, many forget that the diet and weight reduction involve also some unpleasant consequences. The skin droops, becomes flabby, stretched. As it is known, to grow thin for some time by means of a diet it is possible, and here to keep the lowered weight for many long years - a problem almost impracticable. The life shows that in a year-two people come back to the former weight, and frequently it gets even above. As they say, superfluous kgs not only come back, but also result friends with them. Nevertheless, real possibility to grow thin for ever exists. How to achieve such result? Even more often people reflect on necessity of the complex approach to the decision of a problem of excess weight. The various programs of weight reduction including not only diets, but also recommendations about physical exercises, reception of substitutes of food and bioadditives, and also psychological support, appear every day.

Many doctors and dieticians develop own all-round plans of weight reduction, mentioning questions of a healthy and correct dietary food, psychological aspects of growing thin, importance of physical employment and necessity of auxiliary additives. The period of intensive weight reduction, a transitive, fixing stage, and supporting, lasts frequently the lifelong.

Even more often we happen to be so much busy, so we resort to the help of fast meal, such as half-finished products or ready dishes, or we order meal by phone. Many occupied people have not got used to prepare, that is why experience difficulties happen at diet observance. Is there a dietary meal of fast preparation? Certainly there is!

Superfluous kgs and centimeters cannot be cleaned for a week, therefore one of the main advice - have patience.

All of us know theoretically about necessity of regular playing sports, but in practice it is too frequent, on the first place we put absolutely other problems. However physical activity - one of conditions of successful weight reduction and fastening of the reached results. It is not necessary to exhaust itself, find that kind of sports which will be pleasant to you and will not bother shortly. Dances, morning jogs - choose that to liking. If it is not enough free time, combine useful with the useful: walk with the child, be engaged in housekeeping, and go shopping. The main thing is to sit less. Growing thin does not require a special power loading. On the contrary, physical activity should be moderated, but regular. Better 5 times a week on half an hour, than occasionally, but all the day. If there is absolutely no spare time, do exercises some times in day for 10-15 minutes. Choose a suitable complex of exercises or simply dance on music.

Physical exercises - a fine way not to admit increase of a fatty layer and reduction muscular that is very important, but there is not enough for serious weight reduction. Therefore, aspiring to grow thin, do not forget about restriction of calories and a dietary food.

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