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Stability in a life of each person has a huge value. Not stability in something concrete but stability in general. After all you would not like to have stability at work and Babel at home? But after you carefully built your stability, there comes a day when it comes to the end. Once you get to know that you are fired.

What to do in that case?

If we are satisfied with the work (even if the salary is not big), we can work on one place till we get retired. We change work, only when we are fired, or the salary is absolutely the scanty.

If the decision is already made, and you will lose your work, remember that everything is to the best. The permanent job throughout 20-30 years is not a good indicator. Possibly, the employee did not have a stimulus for the further development. And such stimulus could be a dismissal. Naturally, in this case dismissal should be considered as stimulus to search of highly paid work.

But how to overcome fear before dismissal? Unfortunately, I know only one effective way. Change of several workplaces. The person gets used to everything. After you replace some works, the fear before dismissal or work loss becomes dull. I do not urge you to change some workplaces only to overcome this fear. Practice shows that usually, having lost a work, the person always finds highly paid place. Probably, as stimulus for this purpose loss of a former place of work also serves («I will prove to all of you that you have lost the good employee! »).

There is one more way. Even if you work and are happy with the place, and dismissal does not threaten you, nevertheless it is necessary to make the decent resume and periodically to send on various work search companies. So it will help you define, how much you will be needed in case of dismissal. And, certainly, it will be quiet useful in case of workplace loss if you already have some spare variants. The only thing you need is correctly written CV. And every time you change your job, note what positive features you got from it. Every experience brings you qualification. So note it in your CV. Of course your employer can be a bit confused if you change your workplaces so often, but he will be even more confused if you change the workplace after 20 years of work. It is suspicious, isn't it? So you should think twice before any action.

Usually, having worked more than two-three years on one place, the person notices that any work becomes boring. Sometimes you notice that, having come on a new place of work, you work more cheerfully. Change of the impressions, new acquaintance (colleagues) has a positive influence on work process and there is new stimulus for self-improvement and career growth.

Yes, sometimes inevitably there comes time when it is necessary, for the objective or subjective reasons, to change a former place of work. It is thought that it is necessary to approach to this process always positively. Stability in work not always means growth on an office ladder. Maybe you need to be pushed to it?

Naturally, it is necessary to realize that on such "alternatives" hardly it will be possible to receive former monthly earnings here. Especially at the very beginning of new "career". But later you will surely get much growth of salary. The reason is that you are on a high speed, and you put targets. And you provided enough space for your growth. Now everything depends on you.

Even if your work brings you pleasure and you have some spare time left, you may combine some other work to get more income and not to waste any minute of time.

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