Which kind of make-up is yours?

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11 Doing a make-up it is necessary to take into consideration not only the theory of a combination of colors, but also light and shade parity and intensity of colors. It is necessary to distinguish a neutral make-up and a make-up with color use. At a neutral variant a hair color, a skin and the make-up should match each other. Here colors of an ivory, white, beige, grey, chestnut and black are used. If you add bright colors, could be created a disharmony with natural color type.

Depending on color type of the person, the same make-up can look differently on different people.

  • The Dark make-up makes eyes lighter, but it does not concern black and dark-brown eyes.
  • The intensive colors suit more brunettes with a swarthy skin, in a make-up of blondes they look too expressly.
  • The Bright make-up looks more naturally on brunettes with a light skin, than at blondes or brunettes with a swarthy skin.
  • Using additional colors at a make-up of eyes focuses attention on them.

The neutral-natural make-up is very popular nowadays. And no wonder! At a neutral make-up illusion of not made up person is created. It is the simplest kind of a make-up which it is not required special skills and special conditions. It takes very little time.

The light tone cream is put on a face skin; it masks a skin defects and dark circles under eyes. Eyelashes, especially light, are underlined lightly with mascara. The face is freshened by blush of pink or peach color, which better matches to a flesh-color tone. Balm, medicated lipstick or a lip gloss of flesh color is put on lips.

The transparency of the colors used in this kind of a make-up, underlines natural beauty and tenderness of the face.

U can also use another kind of neutral make-up; it is the accentuated-neutral make-up. For this make-up are used only neutral tones. However it considerably differs from the natural. The circle of used cosmetic means extends. It is include tones, crumbly powder which is used for make-up fixing, a few shades of eye-shadows shades (brown and peach or pink, pale-grey), black under liner for eyes, a pencil for the eyebrows to give the expressiveness to them, modeling shades for accentuation of cheeks, a contour pencil for lips and brown color lipstick .There is no need to reach the illusion of a face without make-up, the light and dark colors contrast is noticed.

Natural make-up with color use.

This kind of a make-up is intermediate between is neutral-natural and accentuated-neutral. It is not difficult to do it on the basis of two previous. The only thing which is needed is to bring "color". Instead the neutral color lipstick take lipstick from a pink or red-orange palette and pick up a tone blush to it. Any other colors are not required. Thus the make-up of eyes can remain neutral and very light. If shades are put the thinnest layer, the eyes will be accented anyway. It doesn't matter which shades of shadows you are going to use, as a whole the make-up remains natural. Its brightness amplifies in process of contrast increase between color of a skin and blush, between color of blush and an iris of the eyes. In natural make-up with use of color, lipstick should be in harmony with other colors or remain neutral.

You can also do a bright make-up with color use. In this variant of make-up the used lipstick of the saturated dark or saturated light shade should match the color of blush and underline a neutral make-up of eyes. Other variant is possible also. In a make-up of eyes additional color shades in relation to an iris of the eye and color of a skin are used. Such way is more effective. With its help it is possible to underline blue, green, violet or amber color eyes. You should be very careful with combining the colors as if you take several bright colors it can look rather vulgar. Use several shades of the same color shadows.

Every woman is beautiful but not every can accentuate the advantages of her beauty! Try to find your "trump" and accentuate it!

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