Secrets of beauty

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They say that time is the worst enemy of the woman. Yes, probably. It is possible (and it is necessary!) to be in a harmony with the time, using every minute with benefit for yourself.

First, is important to believe with all the heart that time is not the opponent. The main enemy of the woman is a banal laziness.

Secondly, it is necessary to give to yourself at least some minutes every day (combing-washing of hair, make-up and other daily procedures are not counted). It doesn't matter whether you will look after hands, take a bath or read the book with a mask on the face. The main condition - these minutes, special, devoted with love to YOU, adored and the finest, you should forget about problems by all means. Stay a little egoist, the universe centre. This sensation will return you confidence of own forces and of the appeal.  Follow these absolutely simple rules - and time will work on you.

To make a face mask for one minute? There is nothing easier! The best cosmetic means (unessential got in shop) are near at hand. After all usual sour cream, a strawberry or even the porridge made for a breakfast, easily turn to a useful face mask.

The best means for the tired and inflamed eyes, overloaded during a day, - compresses from tea. Impregnate with cooled tea wadded tampons, put them on eyelids.

But you should know that no masks will add to our eyes shine, and the exhausted body - energy.

Folk healers of the East assert that the beauty is impossible without the correct breath sating an organism with oxygen. The essence of exercise offered by them consists in use of profound breath. It is necessary to inhale deeply, inflating at first a stomach, then a thorax. For some seconds to hold the breath and smoothly as it is possible to exhale slowly.

10 minutes spend doing the PEELING. Let's mix 100 г sea salt and 2 table spoons of olive oil with juice of one lemon. Easy massing movements we put it on a body, giving particular attention to problem zones - a skin on a sole and elbows. Small parts will relieve a body of the horny cells and will improve blood circulation, and the skin becomes gentle and looks younger. The most accessible product for skin clearing is a coffee thick (means ground, prepared in a Turk). Abrasive parts will softly peel the top layer of a skin, and aroma of coffee will make procedure pleasant.

All know that massage of feet - improbably useful procedure, not only removing stress, but also improving activity of all systems of our body.

Warm up olive oil and easy pressing of fingers pound each finger, foot top, a sole. The weariness will be removed, and you will feel inflow of vivacity and forces.

If the skin of hands became rough, dry, has a cracked, use oil mask for hands. Rinse hands with warm water, turn in the napkins moistened in the warmed-up vegetable oil, and put on from above woolen or cotton mittens. Approximately through a quarter of hour remove the mask and the oil rests rub in a skin.

Pay attention to your hair at least once a week. Considerably to improve its condition such simple recipe will help: in a yolk of one egg add some drops of a lemon juice. In regular intervals put a mix on the washed up hair dried by a towel; mostly - on tips. In 20-25 minutes wash off.

Bath with sea salt is not simple relax for a body; it is also a huge advantage for all organism. It promotes skin regeneration, deducing of slag, helps an organism to fill mineral substances and microcells.

Actually there are no particular secrets to be beautiful. The only thing is to find some time, and devote it on you. If you want anything to stay in a good condition - you should take care of it. That is the only secret!

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