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Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

38 By means of lipstick, as well as any other element of a make-up and a detail of the beautician, it is possible to accentuate visually the beauty of your face or, on the contrary, to allocate lacks. Both effects are achievable by means of change of the form and volume of lips.

If you do not like own lips it is possible to change the form and to make them bigger, executing a permanent make-up of lips. To give to lips volume and form it is possible and by means of injections of special preparations.

That who does not wish to resort to the help of radical medical procedures, we offer other decision of a problem - a correcting make-up of lips. It is necessary to remember following rules: warm and light tone visually increase, give dimensions; dark and cold - visually reduce.

At first put on lips a little humidifying means for lips (it can be any lip balm). Such action will protect them from wind and sun effects.

Then put a little powder. So lipstick will keep longer.

Draw a contour of lips with a special pencil for lips. Start to paint with an upper lip. Then make an accurate contour on the bottom. It is possible to shade slightly lips with a pencil - then the border "pencil-lipstick" will be absolutely imperceptible, and lips will look very accurately and naturally.

Strict rules of a choice of color of lipstick, basically, does not exist, they are very individual. Having taken advantage of a neutral pencil and humidifying lip gloss, it is possible to finish a day make-up without lipstick. Recent trends of ways of drawing of a make-up show that the lip gloss is now very actual! Put shine over lipstick, it will give to lips tenderness and attractiveness. And in an evening make-up the lip gloss is simply necessary! Put it over bright lipstick and you are irresistible!

If you want your lips to shine, put lip gloss on the central part of lips. Slightly blot a lip gloss layer to smooth it.

Mixing of different shades: you can diversify shades of lipstick by means of the color of lipstick. It is possible to mix different shades of lipsticks. Try different combinations.

That lips always were soft, elastic and sensitive, it is necessary to give them at list some minutes in day. Do massage of lips daily. After massage put a cream or vegetable oil on lips.

The exposed to the wind, cracked lips will be perfectly freshen and humidified with natural honey. Wait for 10minutes. It is possible also to try to make a similar mask of sour cream or carrot juice.

If to you slightly for 35, be attentive, enlarging an upper lip on the centre. It adds age. It is better to enlarge a lower lip, but it is necessary to make it only on the centre.

It is possible to execute also rather difficult maneuver - to lift external corners of an upper lip, having made a contour to corners hardly above the natural. To make it  look accurately and naturally, it is necessary to grind sharply a pencil, necessarily to put a tone cream on external corners of a mouth before making a contour and to powder a skin around after lipstick put on.

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