Beauty Requires Sacrifice

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009

готова на всеWomen always tried to look beautiful. The women’s beauty is a peculiar quality mark. We live with the appearance that nature gave us. But we always need more, so we use make-up every day and sometimes even night. We believe that cosmetics help us look younger and more attractive. Make-up it is not simple decorating of the face and addition to hairdressing and a suit. Correctly executed make-up will help to hide lacks and to underline advantages, will make your image brighter and more interesting, the attention and admiration of associates will draw to you, will make your style more complete. The make-up becomes one of ways of prolongation of a youth! Changes are connected with change of the social status, a way of life in appearance also. And the most important thing – the face skin changes the structure with the years. In pursuit of the youth and beauty, women very often risk their health and sometimes even life! The thing is that everyday usage of different cosmetics doesn’t go without leaving a trace on woman’s body.

 Harm of cosmetics is expressed in skin presenilation though women expect a boomerang effect. Besides, the cosmetics can lead to a skin cancer. Especially that which working life has ended, and the woman has not noticed it and continues to use that or other means. Harm of cosmetics at natural means though they are considered as the most harmless is especially expressed. Working life at natural cosmetics is very small, and women do not pay attention to it, as a result use the dangerous delayed cosmetic. The woman even more harm from cosmetics receives, if completely excludes washing by water, replacing its various lotions and skins. These substances collect on a skin, clogging up pores and leading to skin ageing.

In a pursuit of beauty many women lose sight of one extremely important circumstance: for a year in a female organism arrives to 2.5 kg of cosmetics, and not always it passes completely for health. Creams, masks, scrubs, lotions, powders, blush daily are absorbed in a skin, frequently bringing serious harm. Some women, aspiring to look as good as it is possible, daily use more than 20 cosmetic means. Thus the majority of them do not pay attention to working life of favorite lipstick or a pencil and consequently nine of ten women regularly use the delayed cosmetics. Harmless, at first sight, tubes and jars can conceal in themselves threat of entering of an infection and irritation of a skin. 

Scientists consider as the main danger some artificial components of cosmetic means which, getting to an organism, can even provoke a burn of oncological diseases. To present what will occur, if all these substances mix up with each other because of irrepressible passion of women to "be painted", it is difficult enough: consequences from use of this of "an infernal mix" appear much more seriously, than at use of all means separately. Absorbing various substances through a skin is capable to deliver much more troubles, than their hit inside through a mouth: if with lipstick enzymes which contain in saliva and stomach chemical components from creams from wrinkles get through a skin directly into blood can consult.

 Not smaller harm is born also by a habit to go to bed, without having washed: the cosmetics corks skin pores, interfering with receipt of oxygen and without allowing skin to breathe. It leads to occurrence of spots, puffiness, an earthy complexion and even inflammations. At hit of parts of the hulk not washed off for the night on mucous eyes the serious infection can develop. Especially cautious doctors urge to be with natural cosmetics. As it does not contain some preservatives spoils faster. So at the first symptoms of irritation its use is necessary for stopping.

At night our body recreates from the hard day. To feel your face breathing at night we should chose the right night cream. Choosing creams, lotions, tonics, we quite often ask the seller to show "something natural". Times when all pursued "the heaped up" novelties of the chemical industry, pass, comes back a good relation to the nature. Today the few doubt advantage of preparations on the basis of herbs or other natural "materials" over "synthetics", but seldom who knows, from what this or that natural component designated on a jar or a box helps.

So using make-up with measure and right skin cosmetics, woman can keep staying young longer!

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