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Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

31 It is said that people who have friends at work are lucky ones. After all third of life which they should slave away, they simultaneously spend with people (or the person), relatives it on spirit. But to have friends at work is not only advantage, but it also can be a lack in some way.

We all know how much work depends on atmosphere. Sometimes you see around people who are not very pleasant to you. But the other thing is when you see around people who are your friends. You go at work with pleasure; even before the beginning of the working day you share all joyful and sad events of your private life.

The rare colleague will spend the time to help you if there is a lot of work and you simply physically cannot finish it in time. But the real friend will help you as she knows that in case of need you too will not refuse.

A friend will warn about «danger». You can "be prepared" for approach, consider, how to react.

But there are also some minuses of making friendship at work place.

Sometimes you notice that you waste very much time on conversations. Especially it is obvious, if your salary directly depends on the performed work. If, for example, the journalist has friends in the office, she will write much less, than if she worked without friends in the office. Thus, labor productivity and the salary suffer, while you enjoy dialogue with your friend at work.

By the way, the friendship in collective is ambiguously regarded also by a management. It is pleasant to the chief, when there is no argues and scandals, but he also does not like friendship. First, the majority of heads considers that the office is not club on interests and to go for work it is necessary only with one purpose, namely to increase profitableness of the enterprise and incessantly to raise image of firm. Secondly, any friendship (and especially smoke breaks for 20 minutes) takes away precious working hours. Thirdly, when subordinates are on friendly terms, they can unite against the chief and cover each other. In that case the boss it will be simple not in a course of many errors in work which will carefully disappear joint efforts of friends. Chiefs periodically show the aversion to friendship between colleagues, in particular, replace them from an office in an office (well directly as at school - for stop talking at lessons).

 Quarrels badly influence an overall performance. Even the most inseparable friends have quarrels. And if both of you are also obstinate (you have not got used to concede), quarrel can be tightened. In this case you will not have as strong desire to go at work as you used to have. Working productivity becomes low.

Rivalry will result not only in the termination of friendly relations, but also that all your failures can become known to a management.

And it is necessary to remember that the friend knows not only about your working secrets, but also details of your private life. Certainly, to reveal them would be the top of mean. But you for some reason start to be afraid. After all, it is not great effort for your ex-friend to tell once to your husband that you flirt (or even secretly meet) with the fellow from work. It doesn't need to be truth but it is quite possible to spoil your private life by such statements.

To be on friendly terms or not to be on friendly terms - here is a question. Certainly, to be on friendly terms. But remember that nobody will keep your secrets better, than you. Therefore do not tell about everything even to the best friends. And you will be safe at work, and at home more than even with the most intimate friend.

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