Style Tips 101: Mistakes To Avoid

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

56 Do you ever glance around and think 'Urgh! What IS she wearing?!' It's easy to notice other people's styles mistakes, but sometimes it's a bit harder to analyze yourself. Do you feel unsure about how to make your clothes suit your body and how to accessorize? We all make mistakes, but read on for some basic tips on how to look good.

The first thing to be learned is not to consider magazines as a Bible! Don't let magazine or, a blog about a fashion to become an ultimate authority for you. Remember the hypnotic effect of the glam-industry: the majority of fashionable magazines and TV-channels show clothes which you would like to have, on magnificent, fine models. The problem is that we often can't afford the items shown, and even if we could, we will never look quite as good as the celebrity or the model wearing the original items! The key is to take note of what colours, shapes and patterns are coming in, and hunt out cheaper alternatives. Stores like Primark and H&M are a bargain hunters dream. They have a high turnover and always feature the latest trends. You can buy outrageous items and, because of their cost, it doesn't really matter is they go out of fashion quickly.

Spring/Summer 2009 will focus on see through and sheer fabrics, one shoulder/asymmetrical tops, fringed items (think 1920's flappers with a modern twist), Grecian and Tribal.

But always remember, not every trend will suit you or your figure. Never buy something just because it's cheap, and never buy clothes a size too small with the plan to loose weight so it fits properly. Looking good is all about the details, so if it can't be altered easily (such as trouser lengths) forget about it.

Of course to buy things of classic style is a good investment: it is possible to have a certain set of base items and only slightly refresh these items from time to time during a season. Invest in a flattering pair of dress jeans which fit you perfectly. Accessories are a great way to transform your whole outfit. A simple black dress that fits your figure well can look completely different with a wide belt and shrug for example. Statement jewelry is in for Spring/Summer 2009. Refresh basic outfits with big and bold necklaces, rings and bangles.

What about underwear? The Stars lead the way: push-up bras, stockings with effect of tanned skin, imperceptible tightening corsets. Make sure you are buying the right size - get your bras fitted to ensure you are getting the support you need. Shaping underwear does wonders, definitely worth considering to conceal lumps and bumps!

Do not save on what it is not visible - it will be noticed first!

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