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Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

39 Morning, you rummage in a wardrobe. But everything comes across, everything except the clothes you would like to put on today. This situation is familiar to every woman. The reason of its occurrence is the wrong clothes organization. How to put things in order in a wardrobe?

To cope with this hard problem, assistance is required to you by all means. To involve the expert not necessarily, you can be quite helped by your friend. To start to put things in order it is necessary from revision of clothes and disposal of unnecessary things. For this purpose the friend is also required to you - she can objectively and fairly estimate, which things suit you, and which are not worthy, and if necessary will prompt which things got out of fashion.

Your purpose at clothes revision is to divide all things into three categories:

- "to keep" (those things which suit you also which you wear regularly),

- «May be» (things which you wear, but rarely, and also clothes of classical styles which never get out of fashion),

- "To get rid" (things which already became so old that they need to be thrown out, or things which do not suit you).

At the majority of women wardrobes burst with dresses, and the classical phrase «I have nothing to put on» all the same constantly sounds from their lips.

What clothes by all means should be in the modern woman wardrobe?

Classical suit. In a life of each person there are cases, when it is necessary to look so strictly, solidly, conservatively. More often for someone, but for someone rarely. So suit is necessary thing. From footwear - boots. The most beautiful boots in which the foot looks highly and harmoniously, it is smooth leather boots on average heights heel. They will be always good with all clothes and that is called, «in style». From daily footwear for a warm season or indoors an ideal variant is classics on a low steady heel.

After you made a revision, sort things by a season. It is necessary for not to come across on summer T-shirts when you search for a warm winter sweater. If there is a possibility - place winter and summer clothes on different shelve. Or combine things which you will not put on before a following season, in packages and store them where they will not disturb you.

After that sort things by type and color. After all the purpose of the reorganization of clothes consists not only in releasing a place, but also in facilitating to you search of the necessary things. So, divide things on types - for example, all skirts separately from trousers. And within all things of one type arrange them from the most light to the darkest. Hang out or spread out things in that order which you have defined.

Now the time of footwear has come.

Here there are two possible variants of storage. The first - on shelves in the closed case. If it is possible get special shelves for footwear in the big wardrobe and put them on a bottom, directly under hanging clothes. If you cannot keep things in a wardrobe because of lacks of a space or for other reasons - you need to spread out them on boxes and to scribe on everyone what is inside. So it will be much easier to you to find the necessary pair. Certainly, at footwear keeping the same principle works as with clothes - winter boots need to be kept separately from summer footwear.

What to do with those clothes which have got to a category "to get rid"? Old ones it is possible simply to throw out and with those which you don't like any more, it is possible to act in another way. For example, to help several friends to put things in order with their clothes, and then to gather and show each other things which remained «without business». Probably, the things which have not approached you will perfectly look on your friend much better.

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