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Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

32People of the third millennium wish to be engaged in favorite and interesting job, receiving worthy payment and working with clever and always ready to help colleagues and with smart and fair manager. But in reality we face a lot of problems with getting job. Why does it happen?

Requirements to work of our dream are different. So, your problem - to understand what exactly you are looking for, and to decide, what points in your list of wishes to new work are most critical for you. Describe the work of your dream. After that you can develop and put into practice the plan on search of a position interesting to you. The worst way to find a job of dream is simply sitting and waiting, when it finds you.

Making the description of the best work for you, try to be guided by the features as much as possible. The more details you describe, the easier it would be to learn the potential employer. But before you pass to a following stage, let's recede on a step back where you can describe more flexible requirements to work of your dream.

Here arise even more questions. What chief should it be? The instructor who will constantly direct my actions, or, the head allowing me independently to plan work. To work without a management it is difficult, so you need something average.

With what people it will be most pleasant for me to work? Some prefer, when each member of collective knows the role and accurately executes it. Some love changes and rotation of roles. Someone prefers to work with clever and someone appreciates in colleagues first of all friendliness and ability to support. So what staff approaches you?

Probably, having found work of the dream, you will work there till you get retired, and it is also possible that having received necessary knowledge and skills, you will try to realize yourself somewhere else. Some get tired of feverish rate and requirements of global business and leave in quieter sector of the market. Others start to grieve, if at least once a day they have not faced a crisis situation.

And at last how much is salary important for you? Probably you accept also other forms of indemnification, such as a free time, an interesting business trip, and training payment? What is best for you?

As soon as you have an image of dream work in your consciousness, begin to search. Certainly, it is possible to try to find work by means of web-services, but it will be more effective to find those employers whom your resume can interest.

Quite probably that searching of the company which corresponds to your requirements, will take a week or even months. When you understand that you have found the required, do not send the resume in a black hole of HR-department. It would be better make an appointment with those who makes decisions in the company and possesses authority.

Having addressed the company with the request to organize interview for you, you can receive the additional information about it. But don't be overzealous, it is not necessary to ask after the first conversation with the representative of the company: «Well so, can you offer me any work? ».

To find a dream work it is necessary to trace appearing vacancies. But you have an advantage before less active competitors. You know what you want and can accurately formulate, why this employer is interesting to you. Many candidates cannot even do this, especially those who send 20 resumes in day in all companies which place the vacancies on popular job sites.

Probably, your searches will take from half a year about one year, probably, you should move. In the course of long searches you can change the requirements and spend hours for Internet dialogue and phone. If it frightens you, simply catch the first work. But are not you worthy to work in a place where you dreamt to work even once in life?

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