The name mystery

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54 The mysterious, inexplicable power of names over destiny of the person was noticed long ago in ancient times. Christians, for example, up to a XVII-th century kept in secret a name given to a child at a baptizing, trying to deceive thereby evil ghosts. In Azerbaijan and Turkey a child was given two names: one of them was false, another - true, and at some people specially gave to children obviously bad names, like Dog Tail for the same reasons - to mislead a satanic host. The tradition to hide anyhow your name historians and ethnographers find almost at all nations of the world. Ancient have been assured that the Destiny of the person, a city and even the state is foreordained in his name. The today's custom of changing the name is connected with this also. As well as during ancient times, it assumes change in destiny. So actors and writers quite often do this, thinking out a pseudonym; the people, accepting post threshing barns or a church dignity change a name; those who enters a secret society; there are also others, more special cases.

In the modern world there are some theories explaining how the name of the person can influence his character: for example, social and emotional theories.

From the social point of view the name of the person represents a clot of the social information on its carrier. Knowing only one name it is possible to receive representation about a nationality, possible creed, the features of character and temperament. These representations are approximately identical at different people that defines approximately identical relation to the owner of the given name. According to the emotional theory the name of the person is considered as emotional irritant. One name sounds softly, tenderly and cause at surrounding the sounding feeling of the pleasant; others, on the contrary, can cause unpleasant emotions, be perceived, as irritant. It is so-called "names music". The relation of associates to the person will depend much on it sound.

But any of these theories does not explain the reason of influence of a name on destiny of the person, and such interrelation, certainly, exists. Due to astrology using the basic astrological principles it is possible to pick up "key" not only by the time of a birth of the person, but also to reveal a secret of name influence on the person.

Any name consists from a set of letters. Each letter of the alphabet is connected through its numerical value with one of nine planets. Thus the set of letters in each name simultaneously is a set of the planets rendering, according to the astrological nature, favorable or adverse influence on the one to whom the name belongs.

If to speak shortly, proceeding from this theory:

1) The name can influence the person through planets which "supervise" it. An essence: if the planets which are a part of a name of the person are in a horoscope of its birth in strong position and is harmonious between themselves so the name urged to help the owner, to involve a good luck, to promote its successful advancement in a life; if planets are in weak position - such name is an obstacle, which make difficulties in realization of vital plans, it is better to change it;

2) The name can make direct impact on character and destiny of the person through compatibility with date of its birth. An essence: any date of birth (number, month, year) has a key planet-manager. If this planet is compatible to all (that happens extremely seldom) or, at least, with the majority of planets of which the name consists - it is in harmony with the person if is not - means it is desirable to change the name. By the way, it concerns not only a name, but also a surname, therefore quite often women, marrying and changing a maiden name for a surname of the husband, thereby can change the destiny considerably;

3) The planets which are a part of a name of one person can be combined or not be combined with the planets which are a part of names of other people (here we have one more level of compatibility: name + name). Moreover, harmonious compatibility of names is not less important, than harmonious compatibility of horoscopes of a birth! Compatibility of names can make positive or negative impact both on mutual relations of people as a whole, and on some spheres of a life and joint activity of these people: marriage, business, sex, friendship etc.

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