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Author: admin |Tue, 06/09/2009

shutterstock_2911292 The people's consciousness today essentially differs from consciousness of ancient Egyptians, or inhabitants of India or other eastern countries.

Our ancestors considered that the person is a small Universe that all planets, the sun and galaxies are presented also in us that each external movement of any planet finds energetic conformity in us. Therefore own destiny can be understood, having calculated a celestial motion and having deduced from these calculations opportunities of own life. Considering a person as a microcosm there appeared also a medical astrology which puts sector of the Zodiac or a planet in conformity to each body and a part of a body.

As the person lost the sensation of a life connected with space and understanding of inner meaning, the astrology more and more turned to a pure science, a book knowledge in which it is possible to trust or not to trust. What you do not feel itself, becomes only teacher's opinion, it can be quite incorrectly interpreted and will sometime fall to level of superstitions. That fact that astrology is not today the conventional science, it is necessary to consider as a sign of not progress, and, on the contrary, limitations of our perception, narrowness of the consciousness, obvious isolation from all happening in the Universe.

There is something, except for religion, which also can make us feel our connection with space. It is astrology together with astronomy. What for do we need the information about temperature of fixed stars if we do not learn about how they influence on destinies of people?

Well, we cannot deny the influence of different planets on the people's destinies. That is why nowadays it became very popular to live according to horoscopes and look up what the stars can tell you about the next day or the next month or even the whole year! You can find hundreds of horoscopes, which predict your life according to the Sun or Moon or different other stars. During centuries wise women verified a personal care with Moon phases. Women did cosmetic procedures only when the Moon is in better position. Each month two main points on calendar are marked- a new moon and a full moon, and also it was very important when the moon wanes and when it waxes. The knowledge about it gives each woman to define, what days will be especially useful to care of appearance, and also days when it is better to refrain from any actions on beauty maintenance.

Plucking out the eyebrows and epilation by means of wax is too painful for many women. Therefore a new moon is the best period for such painful procedures: at this time our skin is less sensitive to such influence on it for the sake of beauty.

Correctly to look after a skin, it is necessary to know that under the Moon waxing the organism is adjusted on maximum absorbing and assimilating of everything that comes in it. Application of nutritious and humidifying creams during this period will bring the greatest effect. It is a high time and for every possible applications, masks and massages with oils and nutritious creams.

If you are thinking about changing your hair color, the full Moon is the best time for it. In this phase any information, arrived to our organism, remains well and fixed. The hair dyed in a full moon, will keep color and shine longer.  When the Moon wanes it is better, than ever, by means of peelings and cleanings to get rid of the cornified skin.

So there was only a small part of the Moon influence on the women's body. And there is no doubt that every planet has its own influence on our mind and body. If we get to know the astrology better we could find the reason of our headaches or mood changes, or even the reason of any disease.

Nowadays with the developing of the technological progress we almost lost the connection with nature, and instead of developing skills of finding some information from nature sources, we turn to the sources of the doubtful horoscopes. Nature made us so it won't do harm for us. But it can warn us about some events which we can escape.

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