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34Everyone wishes to learn more than what he can see and hear, everyone would like to learn the future, the further destiny, how it is possible to avoid possible errors, dangers, illnesses. At last, everyone would like to be happy, to be successful at work, to be sociable in dialogue with people, happily to arrange the home life, to make pleasant impression on associates, to be considerable ... People, as a rule, try to get advice on questions bothering them from the relatives, at lawyers, doctors, sociologists, sometimes at psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers ... and from themselves in particular. But the majority prefers not to ask anybody, as they are the same weak, narrow-mind people and can advise nothing. Maybe the church could solve difficult situations arising, but quite often it happens that people prefer not to turn there too because some religious figures push them away with the formalism, laws, and sometimes they simply do not trust them. People in the misfortunes bring down fault, as a rule, on others, search and easily find guilty whereas, first of all, fault should searched inside themselves and this chain becomes never-ending in a life of very many people. Anger comes back to the person as a boomerang in the form of misfortunes, illnesses, hate, difficult relations with people, ingratitude and many other things. And many find the only one variant - an astrology which predicts events in the world and in a life of the separate person. Astrology does not demand character changes, revaluation of values in the life - it is ready to give answers to any questions (!). It becomes popular every day. Even those who consider themselves as the atheist, i.e. people who deny presence of any higher substances, read a column in the newspaper about zodiacs with great interest as future excites and quite often frightens any person. Predictions of astrologists are televised; there is even a program «Astrological forecast». Books on the given subjects are published by million circulations. People wish to know the future! Especially, the future that eternal stars will predict! What is the astrology? A deceit, truth, science?

The integral part of astrology is horoscopes. Originally a priest observing stars was called so in the east. Since Babylon horoscopes were under construction on use of 12 zodiacal signs in the form of animals. Considering positions of these signs which reflected positions of planets, predictions were made.

In an everyday life it is much more important to consider days of week as every day weeks it is presented by a certain planet, and it does a prediction by the most exact for everything, independent from zodiac.

On Saturday, day of Saturn, the power goes inside, on invisible creation of something new. It is better to overcome any obstacles inside yourself and then external obstacles will disappear as well. Saturday is favorable for reflexions, concentration, the meditation, and those affairs which put a basis for the future activity.

Sunday, day of the Sun, promotes any creativity, everything in what the person proves as unique individuality. This day is better for those affairs which are carried out with pleasure. Sunday - day of rest, hobbies and entertainments.

Monday, day of the Moon, accompanies all ordinary, routine; this day we plunge into habitual daily affairs; concern in economic questions. Hardly is it necessary to plan something special and responsible for this day, it is better to check up those fields of activity which you, being engaged in more important issues did not pay attention to.

On Tuesday, day of Mars raises our aggressiveness, aspiration to achieve something. This day is favorable for actions fast and resolute, connected with an expense of a considerable quantity of energy. But it is necessary to consider that on Tuesday the probability of quarrels and conflicts increases.

Wednesday, day of Mercury, promotes dialogue, trips, negotiations. This day we are more mobile than usually, we understand others and express the thoughts easier.

Thursday and its manager, Jupiter, help those who aspires to expand the outlook who studies something new - especially theoretical, philosophical information. This is time for dialogue with representatives of other cultures, foreigners.

At last, the Friday operated Venus, accompanies acquaintances, especially with men and to adjustment of the partner relations.

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