A successful transformation

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

30 It is always necessary to look good! But it is almost necessary to give special attention of appearance in the course of new work search.

Certainly, it is not necessary to forget about the faultless resume, a portfolio with projects executed on extraprofessional level and excellent recommendations from last place of work. But the reality is that at least your 5-6 contenders can still show about the same competitive set. In such rigid struggle for a place in cozy office, only one who will not pass any chance to make positive impression can get the long awaited victory.

You can object at once that to the person searching for new job, it can be inconvenient to spend a considerable sum of money on visiting beauty shops or hairdressers. Partly you can be right, BUT ...

It is extremely important for you to find a job which is worthy you and your talents! Work which will please you day after day! Work which you will be proud of! And, at last, material compensation for your diligence too should be comprehensible. You shouldn't also get disappointed with expensiveness of such transformations. Believe, it not a waste of money! Besides, only several basic procedures will be enough. So, what is the first thing you pay attention to?


Planning is your “trump card” for successful work

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_8639812 Everyone definitely got in such situation. We have a certain period of time - (for example, five days) and there is a certain list of tasks and problems which have to be done necessary by the end of this period of time. It would seem for us not a problem to succeed in time, but eventually, the closer we are coming to the edge of finish the more clearly we realize that we have not succeeded to do all the tasks from the list and the time occasionally has passed somewhere. What has happened? Where does the time leave?

Such situations are frequent in our daily life, in work, in rest, in any area of our activity. If you look at this situation more rationally, it is possible to avoid disappointment connecting with losing our time. For example, you have 5 hours on working out the certain project. Put your tasks according their priority and according you are going to settle the issues. Now take your typical working day and define how much time you use on start. So then you should add the time for starting to the 5 hours for example of your working time.

Also consider that time necessary for "switching over". Organize breaks on rest. Instead of several big breaks on half an hour on coffee, take breaks of 5-10 minutes each hour. It allows you to have better rest and at the same time not «to lose a thread», penetrating into work after a long break.


Entering a new team

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_10284007 Trying to make good relations with a new staff, very often we become far too nice, unable to say no and always ready the help, and then we reproach ourselves for such kindness. But it is already late.

How is it possible to turn the nice colleague down if he asks you to stay late and help to make his presentation? How it is possible to refuse to help your colleague whose child was ill? Unfortunately, such behavior leads to sad results at work. Women often waste time on a trifle, and as a result draw a routine work on herself which distracts from more appreciable and successful actions.



Today work defines our life

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009


shutterstock_9833917 Let's be frank to ourselves. The majority of working people goes at work every day only with one purpose: to get the long-awaited salary. People do not care about how interesting their job is or maybe they could find something better. But stability has attracted people always.

Yes, certainly, it is possible to find the pleasant moments in any work. The stable salary, amicable collective, communicating, development, career growth. And many people deceive themselves when say that they accept their today's work and it is what they would wish to be engaged in a life.

Only moving to a correct direction and being engaged in your favorite work, you will always be full of energy and inspiration and you will take pleasure and satisfaction from life. Both having defined the calling and moving to this direction, you simply take yourselves to a prosperity and abundance. "How?",  -  you would ask.


Everything that we receive from life is what we have asked!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1427810 Why being on the identical launching sites, some women move forward quickly enough, they are perceived as equal partners and others remain good executive employees and no more? What is a secret of success of one and failure of others?

The first steps in a beginning of the career often happen difficult, we study on our own failures and errors, and we are getting experience. Gradually we become professionals. Unfortunately, professionalism is not always the precondition of career growth. Sometimes we seem to be rather well-experienced and seem to be professionals in what we are doing, but we are not growing up. In a beginning of the career we often think that it is enough to be competent and diligent in the work, benevolent and not to make conflicts. We wish to show that we can perform any work which even has been not qualified. Thereby we show the loyalty and diligence. Unfortunately, the only praise we get for such behavior is a label of the person, who can incur not qualified work instead of undertaking only those cases which can confirm our competence and abilities.

Talk about your achievements. Start only that work which will help you to show your abilities. Show the competence. Emphasize the main thing, do not stick in trifles. Nobody will appreciate your diligence and order on the working table, but your new ideas and innovations will be definitely appreciated much!


A new job as a new page of life

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1937710 New work is a new possibility to change your life to the best. Look at change of your career as on the beginning of a new way. Certainly, to start a new page of a life is a bit scary and many of us are afraid of uncertainty. But, at the same time, it is a possibility for creation of the best career, for creation of the new image of the expert and the colleague, for making new relations in staff. It is important to perceive work search as the project on improvement of life quality. And, as well as any other project, a work search demands investments, time, efforts, and persistence. Take enough time for looking for a job. After all it is clear that the optimum offer for you can not appear in a current day or week.

First of all you should make a CV, in the other words - a resume. The resume itself, even the most good, does not give work to anybody. But it gives you chance to be allocated in a stream of the information getting to the company or in personnel agency. Well made resume increases your chances to make the employer interested in the nominee and to receive the invitation to personal interview. Understand one simple thing - there is no one resume for all occasions as well as there is no one piece of music which would be pleasant to all without an exception. Each employer on each vacancy has his own requirements, on conformity of which candidates first of all are checked. And a vacancy will depend on how you adapt the resume under this concrete employer, whether your nominee will interest a recruiter, or the resume will be simply sent in a wastepaper basket.


NICE TO MEET YOU or the First Day at new Job

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Starting new work is always a stress. You will have not only to grasp all features of the profession but also, that is not less important, to establish good relationships with the colleagues. This process can be substantially simplified, by observing some rules.

In the first day you must become acquainted with all colleagues who work the same room with you. It would be great, if you manage to make the acquaintance with some people from other departments of the company or from other offices of the building within three-four days. It will allow you not to feel alone and ever "new".


Time management as another step towards success

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Time management is the ability which many people begin to develop only by perforce. Many people, being overloaded with work and private problems, do not see any way out of such a situation and, supposing that nothing can be changed, continue to flounder in this whirlpool. However many psychologists consider that the problem of the time shortage can be solved. The desire to change yourself and the attitude towards time is the only thing which is necessary.

Thus in most cases it appears, that it is not so easy to get rid of deep-rooted bad habits and to use this valuable skill to one hundred percent.


Everyone Can Be Successful

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Everyone desires to know the secret of success and of the successful people. How to become famous, how to succeed in business, how to make a lump of money, how to obtain a complete return from the minor functionaries, how to win the trust of the partners and respect of the competitors, in a word, how to become the ace of aces - all interviews with the known personalities, the names of which lift the ratings of the magazines, newspapers, radio channels and TV-programs, are built on the unchanging interest to this question.

The successful people walk up on top, they are promoted in the career, they are awarded for their distinguished achievements, they travel to the distant countries, they are treated in the other way, than the ordinary people, they are envied by the people around.


In Chase Of the Clock Hands

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009


Your man, teachers, colleagues, boss, even your best friend and parents, look as if they are in collusion and repeat over and over again with different intonation: «You are always late!». Hundred times you promised yourself, that you'll exert every effort, to be more punctual. But again you are late!

There are people who are never late, there are those, who sometimes can be late for the reasons beyond their control, and there are those, who never come in time. If you can refer yourself to the third type - well, this can be and should be overcome.

Let's try to analyze, why you do not succeed to do everything in time. Only having understood the reasons, you will be able to solve the problem.

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