Cosmetics in vacation

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


Your vacation is coming nearer and you feel excited and at the same time a little confused. What to take with? You want to take all necessary things and at the same time you don't want your make-up staff to take a lot of room in your baggage. The fashionable shades, favorite lipstick, powder, brand new blush and lip gloss. ... It seems that in holiday all jars and tubes which only are available in the house will be useful. We suggest you to reconsider contents of "a beauty trunk" and to choose for holiday only the most necessary.

By the way, in general during your holiday there is a chance to have a little rest from cosmetics or to try a natural make-up in natural tones which on a suntanned skin will look simply refined. And for this purpose you should not put all cosmetic accessories which will get under a hand, and it will be necessary to choose only the most necessary.

Resort romance

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

35 It is very important to remember that your small resort has the beginning and the end. And the end does not mean a phrase «they lived long and happily». There is also plus in it - you may do things in the very first days of acquaintance which in other conditions you would do in a month-two. Relations will develop with a velocity of light. You will get to know each other before you ask yourself a question - what for do I do it? Sometimes you can tell a casual traveler even much more than to the close friends. But there are also minuses. Any holiday romance is doomed. And when you will sit at the airport in expectation of back home flight, you will fill some kind of sadness and emptiness. It is not necessary to think of it every day. But also it is not necessary to forget.

Have the best vacation or no vacation at all!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1314214 The long-awaited summer comes and it is time for vacation and travelling. We wait for this time the whole year, working hard and saving money. Therefore, to spend vacation time with pleasure and with advantage, it is necessary to be prepared for it, having provided all to trifles. How to prepare to it? When should we start and what to do first?

First of all, you have to think about and to decide what you are waiting from the vacation. How you wish to spend time? What does a good vacation mean for you personally? The tourist agency hardly will help you with this question so it is necessary to think of it without any advice.

Why to love April?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

April is made of such wonderful things

Sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.

Recently I made a great discovery! I learned what a rainy autumn during which the nature falls asleep into a sad and joyless slumber, or a cold and gloomy winter, when it is -30 degrees outside, are necessary for.

Nature created them in order to make us miss a warm spring, when brooks are purling, snowdrops are blossoming out, birds are singing and the sun is shining brightly. By the way about a sun, in autumn most of the people are being depressed and have the innerpersonal conflicts, arisen by lack of the sunshine, so necessary for our life, so that I suggest to replace it with positive oranges (orange color is considered to be a strong antidepressant).


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