A command sport

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009


Group kinds of sports bewitch admirers the accurate coordination of actions, self-denying work of each sportsman on the general result. During the moments of the highest unity of a command it seems that we see the one organism. It makes every spectator as well as sportsmen themselves feel a kind of admiration. The more skilled the command is the higher is feeling of unity and a coordination of actions of its participants.

The slightest desire of one of sportsmen "to pull a blanket" or somehow to stand out against the background of others causes a discord in actions at once. And then united structure breaks up to set of small parts which rush about on a football ground in search of a ball or do different elements of synchronous swimming in pool.

Jogging is a source of an eternal youth

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

22 Jogging - one of the most accessible means to support in the good form and to get rid of excess weight. But even in such, apparently, a simple way of physical activity there are rules and secrets. You can be engaged in jogging at any convenient time. If you are a nighthawk and to get up in the morning even an hour earlier it is difficult for you, so you can run in the evening, before a dream. For early risers it is much easier to arrange trainings at a dawn. Jogging helps an organism to wake up in the morning, charges energy and good mood. Evening jog relieves of the nervous tension which has collected for day and promotes a healthy deep sleep.  At run each step is accompanied by a natural shake-up. At the same time the shake-up is good natural stimulation for the whole organism. Therefore, if run is inaccessible to you, jumps on a place in some way can replace it. During jog rhythmical and consecutive reduction of muscles of a shin and a hip helps to push out blood from veins of the bottom finitenesses upwards to heart. Run strengthens a metabolism, promotes recycling ("burning") of old, idle structures of an organism and rejuvenates an organism.

Where is it better to do jogging? Training in a hall on a racetrack and in the open air brings identical advantage, but in each case there are nuances.

In a hall: Advantages of such training are that you, first, run on absolutely plane surface and that means, the probability to stumble and fall is shown to a minimum. Secondly, you can establish a distance, speed of movement of a path and inclination level and also constantly to supervise pulse, without stopping for this purpose.


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