Where to search for the love?

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


Life's pleasures are best shared with someone you love. But what to do when there is nobody with whom to share?! If you are wondering why Mr Perfect hasn't strolled up and swept you off your feet yet, you may need to reassess how proactive you are in the search to find love.

Destiny is one thing, but it is important to understand the need to begin an independent search. You won't meet anyone spending an evening at home in front of the TV. Getting out there is the only way to meet more people and expand your circles and hopefully meet someone special. But where it is possible to get acquainted with the worthy man for serious and long-term relations?

A romantic supper

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

42 For us, for girls, it is easy to talk about romantic suppers, surprises and dates. We are romantic, are able to prepare, and our imagination is well developed. It is easy and simple for us to arrange a romantic supper; it is clear as a day. And what about our men? Do you think all is as simple and easy for them? Not at all! They have absolutely different mentality, it is difficult to them simultaneously to prepare three dishes, to order flowers on the Internet and to make toilet. Therefore, dear girls, if your man decided to prepare a romantic supper with candles, please, will appreciate this deed!

Your love is in your hands

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

16 Sometimes it happens that you feel lonely. Of course you go at disco clubs with your friends and you have some guys who like you. But you need something more than just spending the evening together having fun at the dance-floor or flirting at the bar counter.

Long relations are necessary for you. All depends only on you. But at first, stop and think about your behavior and why men consider you as not serious woman. Maybe you do something wrong? If you sort it out, you will get the invaluable knowledge about how to behave to make a man stay with you forever.

Never start talking to the man the first, let the first step will be made by him, instead of you. It is one of ways to distinguish the man who really wishes to get acquainted with you from the man who has appeared this evening to stay alone occasionally.

At the first appointment you, of course, should tell about yourself, but don't lay your hair down revealing your problems at work, financial troubles and so on. Better listen attentively, as he will speak.


First impression is the last impression

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Do you remember your 5-th or 10-th date? Most likely, no, and here the first preparing on such important and responsible event is remembered by all. After all on the first date you should make the first impression and to understand, whether all further meetings with this person are necessary to you or not. On the first date it is necessary to put on decently. The good clothes impress favorably whom you see for the first time. But it is not necessary to put on in an official style in view of that, to put on in what to you feel convenient would be better. I think, the clothes mark, on you is interesting to nobody if it looks tidy and elegantly. Guys need to shave and polish footwear before going on the first date. Also they should use a little cologne that the girl could catch a pleasant smell. For the girl the choice of the partner in life and durability of family marriage in many respects depends on the first appointments. It is not easy to decide: is it really your destiny or it only seems to be. Whether it is going to end after one night or your dreams will come true.


Excuse me, may I be your friend?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

How can some people so easily set relationships, while other think it is so difficult?

A person who aims to become a good friend does not need to memorize the hundreds of different rules, cause it is important to memorize only one -the necessity of a valid, more loyal attitude toward surrounding people. And then people will turn to you. Very often people mistakenly chum up with a person, who is fashionably dressed, who is charming and has many beautiful expensive things at his/her home. But very rarely is such cases one asks oneself a tough question: "What is inside of my friend's soul?".

In the street you can often meet a young fellow, with a perfect built, very attractive, but the first impression will fade away immediately, when you hear, what this handsome guy talks about, what kind of expressions he uses.


Shy Fish

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009

is_shy_070824_msIf in an unknown company you prefer to stay in the background, and on an official meeting you hide behind the nearest column, so that not to enter into a conversation with other guests then this very article is for you. Learn to support a small talk. Ability to communicate helps both in the businesses and in the private life. The majority of the successful financial and diplomatic deals are the result of the correctly pursued negotiations. And any family problem is also solvable, if the married couple finds a common language, and both are able to develop the arguments and hear out each other in a proper way.

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