The buttocks mystery

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

46 85 % of men each time when they meet a woman try to glance at her buttocks or to follow with their eyes. Better to say, the stronger sex goes crazy with female rear parts. We, on the contrary, show to them plenty of claims. Too well-fad, too flat, too soft, too flabby... Women are too strict to buttocks, considering that they are simply obliged to be faultless, tightened, strong, small and neat, without having the right neither to project, nor to hang, to wave at the slightest movement. And here stronger sex requirements to this part of a body are much softer. « The main thing in female buttocks - their presence »- this axiom should reconcile us with back area.

Is there a sex after wedding?

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

19 Sex is a luxury which is accessible even to poor people; that is one of the greatest pleasures which can be received absolutely free of charge. Then why men spend money for pleasure if their wife (the girlfriend, the mistress) is waiting for them at their homes? Wouldn't you know it is boring! And for the same reason, they search new, extreme feelings and extramarital affairs; go to various strips-clubs where girls turn into kitties, medical sisters and schoolgirls; have, eventually, passionate sex with the secretary on a table (and also under a table) ... And all it for the sake of difference.

However, there is a decision of the problem! They could have everything with their wives at home if only their wives take care about their feelings, likes and preferences in sex! There is a way out from this situation, it is sex without rules. It is not a distortion and debauchery at all! It is just bed without complexes, without stereotypes. These are tens ways to receive mutual pleasure and to bring a treasured variety in relations. It is the best answer to a question exciting married couples of all worlds: « is there a sex after wedding? »

 No matter how strong the love could be, through certain time both partners are bothered to loathing with "love under the scheme". For high-grade relations it is not enough to have love feelings, children and a conjugal duty once or twice per month behind the closed doors.


Seduction secrets

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

What is the woman? Secret atmosphere can proceed from any type of the woman. To describe beauty of the woman it is impossible, it is admired (surprisingly that not only by men, but also by women). But it is impossible to tell about it.

Misunderstandings between sexes it is possible to avoid in many ways and learning «body language» in particular. It is not a secret that incorrect understanding of man's and female's behavior leads to emotional conflicts and losing sincerity. In sexual gestures of women and men there are a lot of hiding sexual features. If the man, as a rule, wishes to be pleasant to one concrete woman, so the woman frequently wishes to be pleasant to all present men. There are a lot of sexual gestures.


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