Be sincere

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

44One of the ways to help other people is to inspire them to operate. Because inspiring them, you can change their lives to the best. Trust surrounding you people to operate, give them more power and authority for these actions, and also confidence and self-respect. People, feeling your trust, always feel motivated and inspired. And when they are inspired on actions by you, they are happy to promote you in achievement of your purposes. As soon as you will accustom with this ability to force people to help you voluntary, it will make you stronger, effective and successful person. Highly appreciate people surrounding you.

Every change should be desirable!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

17 When we love, we want to make everything to be the dearest person for whom we love. And then we have a dilemma, to be what we are or try to bring up ourselves to his conception about the ideal woman.

Many women put a difficult task for themselves to try to be what they are, not to pretend and not to make men think that they like extreme sports because their men like it, but in real life they get shocked only if they look down from the mountain.

First, few men have any idea about the ideal woman. Secondly, their representation about dream can vary each time depending on circumstances. It often occurs to creative people.



The emptiness in the mirror of love

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Have you ever thought about what is there, on the reverse part of the mirror? Just have a look. A few minutes ago you saw a happy, smiling, beautiful woman and in one moment you see nothing. All joy is vanished. A person who was betrayed feels roughly the same. Something changes inside your heart elusively: it becomes empty for some time. Then anger, insult, desire to revenge settles in your soul. Then maybe, forgiveness takes place. But nevertheless, there comes a moment when your heart is empty. What leaves it? First of all - belief. Belief as a trust to the world.


What are they really interested in?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

We got used to think about men, as about creatures from another planet, hung up on the sizes of the penis and thinking about sex 390 times per days. In order to fit the erotic status of our sweetheart, we constantly improve our sexual qualification, buy lace undergarment, scarlet lip-stick, think out the scenario of the second (the third, the tenth, etc.) honeymoon and other. But the universal harmony however is as far as the Moon. Now let us put all points above "I" and determine finally: what men are actually interested in.


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