Secrets of silver

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

65I like silver very much. It would Seem, gold is more expensive, it possesses a heap of useful properties, but I cannot wear it for a long time. And it is not a simple fetish. When you put on a silver jewelry, you feel more protected, quieter and strong. Why we subconsciously choose silver? How it helps us in a life? And what dangers does the mysterious metal conceal?

Silver is a precious metal with remarkable properties. It was known to the person and was used already the millennium ago.


Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

40Any girl wishes to become glamour and to look more tremendous. I will give you some advice how to look glamour! The main rule how to become glamour is doubtless to look after your appearance, to look after the skin and hair, and also to keep a good figure. Even the most glamour things will not hide your raunchy and appearance lacks. On the contrary, it will turn a great attention to your lacks.

If you want, to look like beauties from covers of fashionable magazines, it is necessary to use cosmetic means for a problem skin. And already after some time, you will see a result!

Sun glasses is not a simple accessory

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

13 Could it be true that the sun glasses are only the stylish accessory of a stylish lady? From the fashion point of view, the given statement is true but if to consider this point from the medicine point of view - definitely, no.

Sun glasses are protection for human eyes from adverse solar rays.  To protect your eyes you should choose the sunglasses very carefully, after all poor-quality products can seriously do much more harm to sight, even more than absolute absence of eyes protection. The Most important thing is to get sun glasses with a high protective indicator which will protect your eyes from negative ultra-violet beams.

Jewellery. Better less then more!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_8898913 People differ from animals not only appearance, intelligence, but also aspiration to the beauty. Ornaments have appeared at early stages of development of mankind. At first they were immovable in the form of tattoos and body coloring. Then people have understood that it is possible to attach different subjects to a body and at their need to remove, and then there were first mobile ornaments. Some of them were put on solemn occasions. Many of the mobile ornaments made of teeth of predatory animals, a snakeskin, bunch of medicinal grasses, shells of eggs of an ostrich, became amulets. Which, on belief of primitive people, protected them from illness, gave bravery, forces. At first the person by means of jewellery tried to be allocated from crowd, to draw to itself attention.

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