Is there a sex after wedding?

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

19 Sex is a luxury which is accessible even to poor people; that is one of the greatest pleasures which can be received absolutely free of charge. Then why men spend money for pleasure if their wife (the girlfriend, the mistress) is waiting for them at their homes? Wouldn't you know it is boring! And for the same reason, they search new, extreme feelings and extramarital affairs; go to various strips-clubs where girls turn into kitties, medical sisters and schoolgirls; have, eventually, passionate sex with the secretary on a table (and also under a table) ... And all it for the sake of difference.

However, there is a decision of the problem! They could have everything with their wives at home if only their wives take care about their feelings, likes and preferences in sex! There is a way out from this situation, it is sex without rules. It is not a distortion and debauchery at all! It is just bed without complexes, without stereotypes. These are tens ways to receive mutual pleasure and to bring a treasured variety in relations. It is the best answer to a question exciting married couples of all worlds: « is there a sex after wedding? »

 No matter how strong the love could be, through certain time both partners are bothered to loathing with "love under the scheme". For high-grade relations it is not enough to have love feelings, children and a conjugal duty once or twice per month behind the closed doors.


Be patient and wise and your marriage will be strong

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

20 It happens very often that two people seem to match each other perfectly, they meet, but time passes and they part. They are compatible on character and habits, but they cannot live together. And it happens because they do not want or are not able to concede each other, cannot solve usual family questions.

Therefore, it is possible to tell that matrimonial compatibility is, first of all, desire to construct harmonious relations, to consider each other interests. Such compatibility will be a guarantee of successful marriage. If one of spouses is selfish marriage will not last very long. Husband\wife will not feel attention and care, for sure, will feel nothing to the spouse.

But it is not easy to build a family. Matrimonial relations should be considered from the different points of view. For the majority of us a high light in a matrimonial life are intimate relations. Sexual harmony is the prevailing factor of family well-being. It is very delicate sphere of matrimonial relations. Any problems on work, affect the sexual party of marriage of house. It is very difficult to differentiate spheres of matrimonial relations. Very often spouses punish each other with sex deprivation for the certain period. At the same time, if they did not do it, they would reconcile faster and develop some rules.


The emptiness in the mirror of love

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Have you ever thought about what is there, on the reverse part of the mirror? Just have a look. A few minutes ago you saw a happy, smiling, beautiful woman and in one moment you see nothing. All joy is vanished. A person who was betrayed feels roughly the same. Something changes inside your heart elusively: it becomes empty for some time. Then anger, insult, desire to revenge settles in your soul. Then maybe, forgiveness takes place. But nevertheless, there comes a moment when your heart is empty. What leaves it? First of all - belief. Belief as a trust to the world.


Excuse me, may I be your friend?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

How can some people so easily set relationships, while other think it is so difficult?

A person who aims to become a good friend does not need to memorize the hundreds of different rules, cause it is important to memorize only one -the necessity of a valid, more loyal attitude toward surrounding people. And then people will turn to you. Very often people mistakenly chum up with a person, who is fashionably dressed, who is charming and has many beautiful expensive things at his/her home. But very rarely is such cases one asks oneself a tough question: "What is inside of my friend's soul?".

In the street you can often meet a young fellow, with a perfect built, very attractive, but the first impression will fade away immediately, when you hear, what this handsome guy talks about, what kind of expressions he uses.


Moving From Duo to Trio

Author: admin |Tue, 06/30/2009


When your child is born, it is difficult to describe your first feelings. You realize that your world has changed, and so has your family. Now there is one smaller, but nevertheless equally important and beloved family member in your house. For some people it takes some time to get used to this, for others - less.










Think twice before marriage

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

The destiny extremely reluctantly puts together similar people. The most typical situation is a contrast. She is a mum, he - a kitten. She - a daughter, he is a careful daddy. She - the senior (or favorite) wife, he - strict, but the fair owner of a harem. He gets tired of three places of work, and she wakes up at twelve and fairly believes that she spends all the time cleaning and cooking. Then she throws a plate in the husband's face because it the idiot and he eats because it is tasty. Though, actually, it would be cleverer, that those who are near to us feel happy. It is difficult to us to understand women who allow leaving the man hungry or unsatisfied, hold a couple of acquaintances or leave the husband to caring girlfriend for a while.

Cease arguing!

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Probably there are no marriages in which the husband and the wife never quarreled with each other. It happens because men and women perceive world around differently. Sometimes even a bad mood may cause a great explosion. Some disagreement in views is inevitable in any unions. In general to quarrel is as easy as shelling pears, but not everyone has an idea how to turn it in a peace way. It probably comes with experience. Men and women understand quarrel differently, and differently react to emotional conflicts. Often their opinions about fair dispute, contradict each other. They can disperse even in a question what to consider as quarrel. Men, flash faster and these flashes last longer, than at women. They are tenderer and more often feel stresses. Besides, the man's organism develops a lot of adrenaline which operates very excitingly and leaves an organism with great difficulty.


What are they really interested in?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

We got used to think about men, as about creatures from another planet, hung up on the sizes of the penis and thinking about sex 390 times per days. In order to fit the erotic status of our sweetheart, we constantly improve our sexual qualification, buy lace undergarment, scarlet lip-stick, think out the scenario of the second (the third, the tenth, etc.) honeymoon and other. But the universal harmony however is as far as the Moon. Now let us put all points above "I" and determine finally: what men are actually interested in.


Seduction secrets

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

What is the woman? Secret atmosphere can proceed from any type of the woman. To describe beauty of the woman it is impossible, it is admired (surprisingly that not only by men, but also by women). But it is impossible to tell about it.

Misunderstandings between sexes it is possible to avoid in many ways and learning «body language» in particular. It is not a secret that incorrect understanding of man's and female's behavior leads to emotional conflicts and losing sincerity. In sexual gestures of women and men there are a lot of hiding sexual features. If the man, as a rule, wishes to be pleasant to one concrete woman, so the woman frequently wishes to be pleasant to all present men. There are a lot of sexual gestures.


Shy Fish

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009

is_shy_070824_msIf in an unknown company you prefer to stay in the background, and on an official meeting you hide behind the nearest column, so that not to enter into a conversation with other guests then this very article is for you. Learn to support a small talk. Ability to communicate helps both in the businesses and in the private life. The majority of the successful financial and diplomatic deals are the result of the correctly pursued negotiations. And any family problem is also solvable, if the married couple finds a common language, and both are able to develop the arguments and hear out each other in a proper way.

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