Double life: work and study

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009

shutterstock_104931_sm To achieve a successful life, many of us lead a "double" life at some point, namely, combining work and study. Frequently, a career depends not only on practice, but also on level of knowledge. If you don't have the skill set to get a desired job, working and simultaneously studying might be an option for you. Not all jobs are based on your educational level, but generally speaking, people with good qualifications tend to advance up the career ladder quicker than those without.

I want to earn money

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

64Too often I hear words: «I want to earn money. But for some reason I meet problems with it. Why? » Well, I have also some questions.

Question the first. What is the problem? Money, circumstances or you? If you want to earn money - earn money! You are the master, you order and you are responsible for it.

How much time today it has been spent for an earning? From 9.00 till 18:00, minus a lunch break? And what is the time from this when you really earned money?

Freelance work

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

28 Possibility to have a freelance work is, probably, the biggest bonus which «hostages of office» with development of Internet technologies could receive. What positive aspects does such work have, how to organize it correctly and what pluses has such work? Many of us wish to work in flexible hours very much, but very few know, what pluses and minuses are comprised by the freelance form of work, and is it really necessary.

It is a mistaken opinion that to work at home means to work less. It is totally opposite! Now it is necessary to work even more. In the conditions of office even if employees do not submit tops of productivity and efficiency, in any case, they are at least all the time in the office under chef's supervision. And it will hardly come to somebody's mind to check up, what exactly they do, because presence of people at work assumes that they work. And home or free schedule means possibility of rest from work, or as heads can be expressed - to idle.

The request of the employee to put him on the free schedule usually does not cause pleasure. And it is explainable: you cannot be constantly supervised at home! For this reason, offering the chief experiment with freelance work, you should offer him variants to control your work. If working in office you handed over on check entirely ready report so now, probably, it is necessary to do in parts.


Today work defines our life

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009


shutterstock_9833917 Let's be frank to ourselves. The majority of working people goes at work every day only with one purpose: to get the long-awaited salary. People do not care about how interesting their job is or maybe they could find something better. But stability has attracted people always.

Yes, certainly, it is possible to find the pleasant moments in any work. The stable salary, amicable collective, communicating, development, career growth. And many people deceive themselves when say that they accept their today's work and it is what they would wish to be engaged in a life.

Only moving to a correct direction and being engaged in your favorite work, you will always be full of energy and inspiration and you will take pleasure and satisfaction from life. Both having defined the calling and moving to this direction, you simply take yourselves to a prosperity and abundance. "How?",  -  you would ask.


In Chase Of the Clock Hands

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009


Your man, teachers, colleagues, boss, even your best friend and parents, look as if they are in collusion and repeat over and over again with different intonation: «You are always late!». Hundred times you promised yourself, that you'll exert every effort, to be more punctual. But again you are late!

There are people who are never late, there are those, who sometimes can be late for the reasons beyond their control, and there are those, who never come in time. If you can refer yourself to the third type - well, this can be and should be overcome.

Let's try to analyze, why you do not succeed to do everything in time. Only having understood the reasons, you will be able to solve the problem.

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