Create the stylish interior

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009


Interior is not only internal furniture of a premise, but also a mirror of human soul. «And still - financial possibilities», - skeptics will add. But is the brand so necessary where the beauty and originality is to be placed? There are some simple ways to create a stylish interior despite of economy.

Way the first. More freedom

House harmony is soul harmony

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

26 What do you feel, when cross a threshold of the house in the evening? Does it meet your requirements? How does your house sound, smells? Perhaps all these questions sound strange. Every evening millions of people hasten home. The key turns in the lock, we close the door after entering, and here we are, in space which we consider as "our own". This place gives us force, returns ourselves to life.

What does it look like? If the wife is a good housekeeper, it is difficult to be kept from a compliment to the mistress and not to be glad for well-being in the house. But order and cleanliness of the house doesn't always mean well-being.  It happens that in the tidied up house pressure and discontent atmosphere are very often . And on the contrary it happens that in the cluttered up apartment people live in perfect harmony, are happy with each other. Why it happens?

Our house is our inner world

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

The house is the most « habitable place». This is a place where the person is in harmony with him or at least comes nearer to this state of bliss. Nobody will doubt that the house has for the person a symbolical value strongly connected with household prejudices and philosophical ideas. Speaking about a city, about the country, as a whole world, we name it our house. An outlook of the person is in many respects defined by how it equips the dwelling. The house is a place, which we leave and where come back. Each of stages of a human life can be considered through its relation to the house. The life begins with development of the parental house, proceeds in a separation from a patrimonial nest and building of the own.

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