Find time to be happy

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


Constant haste forces the person to forget about the simple physiological requirements. Leisure is necessary for us to relax and restore forces. It is necessary to understand leisure as time when responsibility does not press on the person. One of ways to be released from frenzied race - to get any quiet hobby which do not demand haste, for example to be engaged in a collecting, gardening.

Whether you work or have a rest, it is recommended to plunge into favorite business, work or a hobby so deeply to lose count of time. Pressure of time is felt only when you regret about the past or anxiety on the future. Having learnt to concentrate on a present situation, you will feel less in time vice. If you slow down rate of a life and will start to live in the present, here and now, pressure of time is not felt.

A wonderful world of books

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

36Our life is full of interesting information, but sometimes we are too busy to notice it, we are rushing at work in the morning, then, after work we are coming back home and have no more energy to do something. We are dreaming about spending time active way, about travelling, about adventures. But there is a wonderful way to have all this even when you are tired, back from the office and your body does not agree to do anything except lying comfortably, and your mind at the same time is ready to do more. You guessed what I mean; of course I mean a wonderful trip on the white pages of your favorite book. 

And what is hobby for you?

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009


shutterstock_7619419 I can hardly name a person who has no hobby. As, if there is a free time, mostly everyone would like to spend it with pleasure and with unforgettable feelings. The best way to spend it perfectly is not to waste it. As everyone has a different character, so everyone has different interests and likings.

Remember your childhood. I think everyone attended some hobby groups. Somebody participated a literary society, somebody - a history circles, someone enjoyed dance classes, and somebody couldn't imagine a day without playing a football. But being children we couldn't always correctly decide which hobby group to attend. Mostly our parents did it for us. And then we either enjoyed our hobbies or hated the day when our parents bought you a piano. But when you are grown up, you are able to make up your mind and find out what to do at your spare time.

Being very busy nowadays, we can only dream about the end of the week when you come home and take a good sleep. But when you wake up on Saturday noon, you feel relaxed and full of joy and gaiety and you have the whole 2 days of spare time. Why not to lead this energy on the right way? Now you have a full freedom of choice so you don't have to play piano or to do ball dances or something you used to do in your childhood against your will.


Hoppy Easter

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

April... the time of nature awakening ... The air is fresh and clear, the buds are swelling on the trees, the first foliage appears and the young grass begins to shoot out of the ground.

One April morning arrange a holiday breakfast in the family circle in your back yard. Everyone would be delighted with such beginning of the day off! The stylish table appointments of white porcelain and linen serviettes with flower design will even strengthen a spring mood.

Easter is just upon us and it has always been a tradition for the eggs and the bunnies. And you all wonder why. Anyway, it'd really take a long track at history and anthropology but the summary is that painted eggs hold a lot of symbolism that they have been around even before Easter and Christianity. It has been just somehow carried over as a tradition.


Easter dinner for those who are limited in time

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

You're fond of Easter and this year you were going to surprise your household with a real Easter Dinner. Everyone is waiting for something special from you. But your boss!...He seems to be completely out of touch with events. He asked you too prepare a report for the Monday. Monday!!! The Easter Monday! I suppose you should remind him somehow.

Anyway here is a menu for the Easter dinner, which won't take you a lot of time. It comes as two courses. The first course is boiled salmon - one of the simplest holiday dishes you'll probably ever have opportunity to serve. The second course is piquant potatoes. And the salad which can be the perfect complement to any meal.


What a gift can tell?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009


Little small box, bandaged with a rose ribbon, or a huge package, decorated with a scarlet bow, - what a gift can tell about the character of the giver? And an experienced psychologist, at a glance on a present, will immediately guess her habits, tastes and even the man type which attracts her.

Having answered the questions of our test, you, firstly, will approach the key to a mystery your "me", and secondly, will define, what gift would really gladden you. You may show the results of the test to your household. Let them draw conclusions!


The Art of the Cocktail

Author: belan |Mon, 05/04/2009

StrawberryDaiquiri Healthy lifestyle doesn't exclude drinking alcohol, and delicious cocktails and mixed drinks, prepared on its basis. The main question here is the sense of harmony.

People used to invent new recipes for several hundreds years, but only recently making cocktails became an art. Drinks like cocktails first appeared sometime during the 16th century, but cocktails, as we know and use the term, was first introduced by American bartenders in the 1920ies. The modern trend in this art is the usage of different fruits and vegetables just like in cookery. That is why some cocktails have seasonal nature. Sometimes cocktails are created for special events and are supposed to suit the appropriate menu.

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