Our illness is our reflexion

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

48 The physical body is directly connected with emotions, feelings, moods, thoughts. If the body is ill, it is quite probable that the soul is ill too.

In an everyday life the person is constantly busy doing something, and there is no time to analyze the thoughts, feelings, acts; to think of the problems and ways to avoid them. And only having got out of daily routine, it plunges into himself. More often it helps the person.

Control your breathe

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

21 The majority of adult people breathe incorrectly, for some reason considering that the body itself regulates quantity of air necessary for it. Only when we have a short wind, we start to worry and take various measures: we go on a diet, we try to do special exercises from time to time, and we take medicines. Really only been ill, the person understands, how much important the correct breath is

If once a week, on Sunday, during walk you deeply inhale air and consider that something have made for the health you are deeply mistaken. As well as those who once in a year, having spent holiday in mountains or at the sea, think that in this time they have swallowed air for the whole year.

To keep health and beauty, it is necessary to spend daily at least 2 hours in the open air. In necessary quantities neither medicines, nor massage, neither baths, nor creams nor could lotions and any other cosmetics replace fresh air. Even diligently observed diet will not promote organism regenerating if it is not accompanied by correct breath.

It is enough simply to watch your breath, and after a while you will notice pleasant sensation of ease.


Dance is the best sports

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Today the woman is capable on lots of things to remain beautiful, young and desired as longer as it is possible. Shaping, fitness, aerobics, body building, the terrible diets, dangerous tablets and... plastic surgery. Why people think that to become fit and beautiful we should definitely pass a lot of sufferings? There are lots of more pleasant ways to say "good bye" to some kilograms on waist and to say "hello" to mind and body harmony. As we all know that only inside harmony can influence on your appearance. We know that sport is our best friend for keeping life in our bodies. How to choose the kind of sport which fits you both physically and mentally?

It is not so difficult to be healthy

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

There are certain values in everyone's lives: money, a family, study, travel, meal but with what is one of the most important values of a life was and is a health. Someone has problems with health since a birth, and then pass, and someone suddenly falls ill, though he led a healthy way of life.

How people have got used to be treated? All people wish to be treated effectively, quickly, through pleasure. If any organism has some disorders, it is necessary to take "something" quickly and effectively, whether it is a headache or a cancer. It is logical if you deal with meat and bones machine. But the person is not the machine. It is not easy to deal with it.


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