It is not so difficult to be healthy

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

There are certain values in everyone's lives: money, a family, study, travel, meal but with what is one of the most important values of a life was and is a health. Someone has problems with health since a birth, and then pass, and someone suddenly falls ill, though he led a healthy way of life.

How people have got used to be treated? All people wish to be treated effectively, quickly, through pleasure. If any organism has some disorders, it is necessary to take "something" quickly and effectively, whether it is a headache or a cancer. It is logical if you deal with meat and bones machine. But the person is not the machine. It is not easy to deal with it.


Move your body!

Author: belan |Wed, 04/29/2009

running1Nowadays, when we are living in technical era, we spend so little time doing sports. We have computers which help us not to move our bodies from the chair; we have cars which brings us in different places also decreasing our physical activity. And finally we have mobile phones which can help us to decide questions even in our beds. So, problems with our health are directly connected with way of our lives. We have to do something with it! Otherwise we become totally immovable.

 I think everybody heard about fitness. So what is fitness and what we expect from it?

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