Fitness for pregnant women. Yes or no?

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009

shutterstock_28008799_sm Doctors confirm: pregnancy is not illness and is a necessity throughout all nine months to lead a normal and healthy life where possible. Even if the pregnancy proceeds without complications or difficulties, it will still have a dramatic affect on our body, mind and appearance.

The most "suffered" part of the body, certainly, is the abdominal region. The skin is stretched for nine months, and additional weight is stored here too. Invest in a good daily moisturizer which will help keep the skin supple and less likely to develop stretch marks. Some moisturizers have been specifically develops to reduce the appearance of stretch marks too. After giving birth, it is important to remember you won't immediately return to your former shape. Yummy-mummy celebs give a false impression to new mums, as realistically the change in your body should be gradual and healthy. It takes many new mums several months or even years!

Be fit during vacation

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

50The greatest summer injustice: during the long awaited vacation, we, women gain not awaited kilograms even during 2 weeks of pleasure, and it can become really a problem to get rid from them. Completely having relaxed, we forget about a diet and eutrophy, and most part of the time we spend in a chaise lounge at pool. Those impressions about perfectly spent holiday were saddened by clasped on a waist trousers but it is possible to spend a free time not only with pleasure, but also with advantage. Follow our instruction.

Our illness is our reflexion

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

48 The physical body is directly connected with emotions, feelings, moods, thoughts. If the body is ill, it is quite probable that the soul is ill too.

In an everyday life the person is constantly busy doing something, and there is no time to analyze the thoughts, feelings, acts; to think of the problems and ways to avoid them. And only having got out of daily routine, it plunges into himself. More often it helps the person.

There is no age for doing fitness

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

23 Fitness is a wonderful kind of sports. It does not have age restrictions. It doesn't matter how old you are, it is never late to start to be engaged in doing fitness, and you necessarily become harmonious and! And even to become younger.

Yes you can lay all life on a sofa, having overweight, but fitness will change you anyway! All you need is a desire!

Fitness is simply accessible to everyone deeply scientific technology. But the main thing is that it was proved by experience of hundred thousand female destinies. In fitness there are no failures!

It accepts you any, thin and well-fed. He is not interested in your age. It needs only one thing from you- an eternal youth of soul and huge desire!

At the age of 20-30 if you have a lack of something so it is money for clothes and cosmetics. You don't think about your figure. The mirror shows a safe picture, that is why we are too lazy to train. It seems that we will always stay such young, beautiful and healthy. And meanwhile, our entire further female destiny depends on how we spend this decade. Girls, who are engaged in fitness in twenty, will look on five points in forty as well. Well and in forty years, believe, it is more important, than in twenty. Age illnesses will recede, the hormonal background, strong immunity will be safe. Twenty years - the most suitable time to take a great interest of any kind of sports and to make it hobby for the rest of the life. In this age all is interesting - the fads, skis, the Arabian dances, jumps with a parachute. And in ten years there will be no time to try something new.


Control your breathe

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

21 The majority of adult people breathe incorrectly, for some reason considering that the body itself regulates quantity of air necessary for it. Only when we have a short wind, we start to worry and take various measures: we go on a diet, we try to do special exercises from time to time, and we take medicines. Really only been ill, the person understands, how much important the correct breath is

If once a week, on Sunday, during walk you deeply inhale air and consider that something have made for the health you are deeply mistaken. As well as those who once in a year, having spent holiday in mountains or at the sea, think that in this time they have swallowed air for the whole year.

To keep health and beauty, it is necessary to spend daily at least 2 hours in the open air. In necessary quantities neither medicines, nor massage, neither baths, nor creams nor could lotions and any other cosmetics replace fresh air. Even diligently observed diet will not promote organism regenerating if it is not accompanied by correct breath.

It is enough simply to watch your breath, and after a while you will notice pleasant sensation of ease.


Be Incredibly Healthy

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

As you know, sport does you good and it is the key factor to reduce your stress and to "recover energy". Yet some people had often no wish to play sports, especially after a long working day and several classes and/or a lot of study in the library. Yet, you should know that fortunately (or unfortunately, for the laziest...), sports is the cure-all solution for your health. And this is particularly true in the early spring days, when you can do some jogging at the open air, stimulating your blood circulation and your brain activity at its best.


A command sport

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009


Group kinds of sports bewitch admirers the accurate coordination of actions, self-denying work of each sportsman on the general result. During the moments of the highest unity of a command it seems that we see the one organism. It makes every spectator as well as sportsmen themselves feel a kind of admiration. The more skilled the command is the higher is feeling of unity and a coordination of actions of its participants.

The slightest desire of one of sportsmen "to pull a blanket" or somehow to stand out against the background of others causes a discord in actions at once. And then united structure breaks up to set of small parts which rush about on a football ground in search of a ball or do different elements of synchronous swimming in pool.

Make Your Life Eternity

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

To live a long life and to live a happy life are different but yet compatible things. Many scientists determine the maximum possible age of the man, taking into account not anywhere near fifty or sixty years. The most interesting things, according to the optimists, begin after passing the one hundred years and theoretically may last endlessly. The sceptics object: the eternal life is nothing but the long-time aging. But specialists in the field of anti-age medicine already have an argument against this pronouncement.


Dance is the best sports

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Today the woman is capable on lots of things to remain beautiful, young and desired as longer as it is possible. Shaping, fitness, aerobics, body building, the terrible diets, dangerous tablets and... plastic surgery. Why people think that to become fit and beautiful we should definitely pass a lot of sufferings? There are lots of more pleasant ways to say "good bye" to some kilograms on waist and to say "hello" to mind and body harmony. As we all know that only inside harmony can influence on your appearance. We know that sport is our best friend for keeping life in our bodies. How to choose the kind of sport which fits you both physically and mentally?

Jogging is a source of an eternal youth

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

22 Jogging - one of the most accessible means to support in the good form and to get rid of excess weight. But even in such, apparently, a simple way of physical activity there are rules and secrets. You can be engaged in jogging at any convenient time. If you are a nighthawk and to get up in the morning even an hour earlier it is difficult for you, so you can run in the evening, before a dream. For early risers it is much easier to arrange trainings at a dawn. Jogging helps an organism to wake up in the morning, charges energy and good mood. Evening jog relieves of the nervous tension which has collected for day and promotes a healthy deep sleep.  At run each step is accompanied by a natural shake-up. At the same time the shake-up is good natural stimulation for the whole organism. Therefore, if run is inaccessible to you, jumps on a place in some way can replace it. During jog rhythmical and consecutive reduction of muscles of a shin and a hip helps to push out blood from veins of the bottom finitenesses upwards to heart. Run strengthens a metabolism, promotes recycling ("burning") of old, idle structures of an organism and rejuvenates an organism.

Where is it better to do jogging? Training in a hall on a racetrack and in the open air brings identical advantage, but in each case there are nuances.

In a hall: Advantages of such training are that you, first, run on absolutely plane surface and that means, the probability to stumble and fall is shown to a minimum. Secondly, you can establish a distance, speed of movement of a path and inclination level and also constantly to supervise pulse, without stopping for this purpose.


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