You are what you eat? What the food you eat says about your character

Author: admin |Mon, 06/22/2009


On culinary predilections it is possible to judge the character of a person. Which category suits you most?

You love fruit

People who love fruits and berries are attentive and sensitive. They make friends easily so they have a lot of friends! Competition and rivalry is not for them; therefore fans of fruit often aspire to more humbling careers. Their destiny - such fields of activity in which it is possible to show the abilities to create. However, in the absence of ambition these people sometimes seem careless.

Separate food

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

49 We do not receive any good from food which is not digested. To eat and at the same time spoil food which cannot be digested is a food waste. But even the worse thing except waste of products is that this indigested food leads to toxins formation which is very harmful to an organism and it is necessary to spend an additional energy for fighting against them. It is known that the person spends 50 percent of received food energy for sight, and 50 more percent on total vital activity. Therefore the correct combination of products liberates a large quantity of energy for vital activity. Those people who live, observing laws of compatibility of products do not know what heartburn, and stomach pain is. The separate nutrition is introduced together with stage-by-stage clearing of a body from chemical wastes; it is the way of returning body to a Nature laws life.

Food and vitamins for perfect health

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

24 Sometimes we wake up in the morning and find no power to get up from the bed. We feel a kind of exhaustion though we had a good sleep. Why it happens? I will tell you only one thing! Immediately bring into the diet useful products: with their help you will shape up, be charged by energy and strengthen your health! We all are quite competent and we know that our organism as a whole and a skin in particular requires vitamins. Someone fills up their stock by absorption of expensive pills and use of not less expensive cosmetics, and someone, having taken advantage of the further recommendations, will look much better, without having spent a cent.

Healthy food is the first step to healthy life

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Each future mother hears a lot about how to feed to have a healthy baby. Some mistakes in a feeding of the pregnant woman cannot influence on her organism, but for the child are fraught with the serious consequences.  Every pregnant woman tries to have a healthy and rationale food. We want our children to be born healthy. But isn't it better to start healthy life long before pregnancy?

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