Bonsai tree

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In the Japanese language the word "bonsai" means not simply dwarf plant, but also a culture of its selection on a tray or in a superficial pot, a dish or the pallet. It is obvious that if the tree can be grown up on a tray there should be a method of growing tiny samples of this or that kind. The majority of arts of Japan in the past have been borrowed in China, and bonsai is not an exception, but in Japan this method developed and has grown to level of graceful art. In Japan it is possible to see the samples transferred from generation to generation.



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29 Any garden does not do without trees and bushes. They divide plot into functional zones, give the chance to retire. In winter when the lawn and flower beds are covered by snow, trees and bushes give to a landscape a picturesque look. To give a good shape to a garden, select such trees and bushes which answer your inquiries, and correspond to conditions of your patch.

How to recover a garden, without spending thus a lot of time and efforts? First of all with coniferous trees and other plants which all year long remain green. Therefore, it is no wonder, that evergreen trees are the most popular in gardeners.

Take care about nature and nature will take care about you!

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lawn_36171022 For a long time flowers are considered as a beauty and tenderness symbol. The best gift to the woman also always was flowers. In our house flowers and plants bring nature breath.

Every day we come home after long working day and after entering your yard you see bright colors of flowers and you forget about the hard day and about your problems at once. Nothing can possibly bring us so much pleasant feelings like feeling the fragrance of flowers and the image of flower in particular. Flowers have a magic power to make us smile and forget all hardships which we face all the time!

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