Marriage or family?

Author: admin |Mon, 06/15/2009

47 Why once spouses decide to become parents? Therefore speaking about aspiration of people to become parents (aspirations are sometimes so strong that failure becomes tragedy) is much more often happens that adults by means of occurrence of the child first of all aspire to solve any personal problems. As the tool of improvement of relations in a family. Often, when conditions in a family are not the best, moreover, when it is already obviously for spouses that there is a threat of divorce, the pair (and sometimes only a woman, without opinion of the husband) decides to give birth to the child - maybe then we will love each other more and for the sake of a kid will live together, and both of us will calm down ...

Be patient and wise and your marriage will be strong

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

20 It happens very often that two people seem to match each other perfectly, they meet, but time passes and they part. They are compatible on character and habits, but they cannot live together. And it happens because they do not want or are not able to concede each other, cannot solve usual family questions.

Therefore, it is possible to tell that matrimonial compatibility is, first of all, desire to construct harmonious relations, to consider each other interests. Such compatibility will be a guarantee of successful marriage. If one of spouses is selfish marriage will not last very long. Husband\wife will not feel attention and care, for sure, will feel nothing to the spouse.

But it is not easy to build a family. Matrimonial relations should be considered from the different points of view. For the majority of us a high light in a matrimonial life are intimate relations. Sexual harmony is the prevailing factor of family well-being. It is very delicate sphere of matrimonial relations. Any problems on work, affect the sexual party of marriage of house. It is very difficult to differentiate spheres of matrimonial relations. Very often spouses punish each other with sex deprivation for the certain period. At the same time, if they did not do it, they would reconcile faster and develop some rules.


Think twice before marriage

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

The destiny extremely reluctantly puts together similar people. The most typical situation is a contrast. She is a mum, he - a kitten. She - a daughter, he is a careful daddy. She - the senior (or favorite) wife, he - strict, but the fair owner of a harem. He gets tired of three places of work, and she wakes up at twelve and fairly believes that she spends all the time cleaning and cooking. Then she throws a plate in the husband's face because it the idiot and he eats because it is tasty. Though, actually, it would be cleverer, that those who are near to us feel happy. It is difficult to us to understand women who allow leaving the man hungry or unsatisfied, hold a couple of acquaintances or leave the husband to caring girlfriend for a while.

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