Have the best vacation or no vacation at all!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1314214 The long-awaited summer comes and it is time for vacation and travelling. We wait for this time the whole year, working hard and saving money. Therefore, to spend vacation time with pleasure and with advantage, it is necessary to be prepared for it, having provided all to trifles. How to prepare to it? When should we start and what to do first?

First of all, you have to think about and to decide what you are waiting from the vacation. How you wish to spend time? What does a good vacation mean for you personally? The tourist agency hardly will help you with this question so it is necessary to think of it without any advice.

What a gift can tell?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009


Little small box, bandaged with a rose ribbon, or a huge package, decorated with a scarlet bow, - what a gift can tell about the character of the giver? And an experienced psychologist, at a glance on a present, will immediately guess her habits, tastes and even the man type which attracts her.

Having answered the questions of our test, you, firstly, will approach the key to a mystery your "me", and secondly, will define, what gift would really gladden you. You may show the results of the test to your household. Let them draw conclusions!


Why to love April?

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

April is made of such wonderful things

Sunbeams and tulips and butterfly wings.

Recently I made a great discovery! I learned what a rainy autumn during which the nature falls asleep into a sad and joyless slumber, or a cold and gloomy winter, when it is -30 degrees outside, are necessary for.

Nature created them in order to make us miss a warm spring, when brooks are purling, snowdrops are blossoming out, birds are singing and the sun is shining brightly. By the way about a sun, in autumn most of the people are being depressed and have the innerpersonal conflicts, arisen by lack of the sunshine, so necessary for our life, so that I suggest to replace it with positive oranges (orange color is considered to be a strong antidepressant).


The Art of the Cocktail

Author: belan |Mon, 05/04/2009

StrawberryDaiquiri Healthy lifestyle doesn't exclude drinking alcohol, and delicious cocktails and mixed drinks, prepared on its basis. The main question here is the sense of harmony.

People used to invent new recipes for several hundreds years, but only recently making cocktails became an art. Drinks like cocktails first appeared sometime during the 16th century, but cocktails, as we know and use the term, was first introduced by American bartenders in the 1920ies. The modern trend in this art is the usage of different fruits and vegetables just like in cookery. That is why some cocktails have seasonal nature. Sometimes cocktails are created for special events and are supposed to suit the appropriate menu.

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