What does the beauty of the woman begin with?

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009


With the youth? Hardly is it possible to argue with it. Not the passport youth but the freshness, sexuality and appearance which are peculiar to young girls. Only this youth is meant.

After all it is possible to be young either in 20, or in 30 and in 50 years ... And on the contrary. Hardly is it possible to look well, having superfluous 20 kg on hips.

Maybe the beauty comes with the happiness? They say that the person shines with happiness, and it is difficult to imagine the ugly happy woman. At the same time the happiness is something always very deeply personal - the strong family, favorite work and, of course, the birth of the long-awaited child ...

Combine meals and exercises

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

25 Sports and fitness became an integral part of the modern person caring of health. But exercises will not give the necessary results with an improper feeding. How to make so that trainings were not vain?

Today you go to sports hall. Someone anticipates this event since morning and carefully prepares: prepares the uniform, transfers a sit-round gathering with friends on the next day to cafe, and in the end of the working day quickly switches off the computer and runs in the nearest sport club. Another perceives a campaign in fitness club as necessity - it is necessary to support image of the active fashionable person.

Choose your own diet

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Probably, to everyone it is clear that health and a food are closely interconnected. The improper feeding can generate set of diseases, lower immunity, weaken of an organism. In particular, an excessive unhealthy food causes adiposity which, by the way, leads to occurrence of a hypertension, diabetes, an atherosclerosis with the raised risk of a heart attack and a stroke, to diseases of joints. In this connection it becomes clear that the excess weight problem is not only aesthetic question, but also a problem for physicians. And, first of all, such people need to choose a suitable diet - the plan of a food which is not supposing excesses.


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