Keep resume in readiness

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

59 Stability in a life of each person has a huge value. Not stability in something concrete but stability in general. After all you would not like to have stability at work and Babel at home? But after you carefully built your stability, there comes a day when it comes to the end. Once you get to know that you are fired.

What to do in that case?

If we are satisfied with the work (even if the salary is not big), we can work on one place till we get retired. We change work, only when we are fired, or the salary is absolutely the scanty.

A successful transformation

Author: admin |Thu, 06/11/2009

30 It is always necessary to look good! But it is almost necessary to give special attention of appearance in the course of new work search.

Certainly, it is not necessary to forget about the faultless resume, a portfolio with projects executed on extraprofessional level and excellent recommendations from last place of work. But the reality is that at least your 5-6 contenders can still show about the same competitive set. In such rigid struggle for a place in cozy office, only one who will not pass any chance to make positive impression can get the long awaited victory.

You can object at once that to the person searching for new job, it can be inconvenient to spend a considerable sum of money on visiting beauty shops or hairdressers. Partly you can be right, BUT ...

It is extremely important for you to find a job which is worthy you and your talents! Work which will please you day after day! Work which you will be proud of! And, at last, material compensation for your diligence too should be comprehensible. You shouldn't also get disappointed with expensiveness of such transformations. Believe, it not a waste of money! Besides, only several basic procedures will be enough. So, what is the first thing you pay attention to?


A new job as a new page of life

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1937710 New work is a new possibility to change your life to the best. Look at change of your career as on the beginning of a new way. Certainly, to start a new page of a life is a bit scary and many of us are afraid of uncertainty. But, at the same time, it is a possibility for creation of the best career, for creation of the new image of the expert and the colleague, for making new relations in staff. It is important to perceive work search as the project on improvement of life quality. And, as well as any other project, a work search demands investments, time, efforts, and persistence. Take enough time for looking for a job. After all it is clear that the optimum offer for you can not appear in a current day or week.

First of all you should make a CV, in the other words - a resume. The resume itself, even the most good, does not give work to anybody. But it gives you chance to be allocated in a stream of the information getting to the company or in personnel agency. Well made resume increases your chances to make the employer interested in the nominee and to receive the invitation to personal interview. Understand one simple thing - there is no one resume for all occasions as well as there is no one piece of music which would be pleasant to all without an exception. Each employer on each vacancy has his own requirements, on conformity of which candidates first of all are checked. And a vacancy will depend on how you adapt the resume under this concrete employer, whether your nominee will interest a recruiter, or the resume will be simply sent in a wastepaper basket.


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