Secrets of beauty

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They say that time is the worst enemy of the woman. Yes, probably. It is possible (and it is necessary!) to be in a harmony with the time, using every minute with benefit for yourself.

First, is important to believe with all the heart that time is not the opponent. The main enemy of the woman is a banal laziness.

Secondly, it is necessary to give to yourself at least some minutes every day (combing-washing of hair, make-up and other daily procedures are not counted). It doesn't matter whether you will look after hands, take a bath or read the book with a mask on the face. The main condition - these minutes, special, devoted with love to YOU, adored and the finest, you should forget about problems by all means. Stay a little egoist, the universe centre. This sensation will return you confidence of own forces and of the appeal.  Follow these absolutely simple rules - and time will work on you.

Irresistible lips

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

38 By means of lipstick, as well as any other element of a make-up and a detail of the beautician, it is possible to accentuate visually the beauty of your face or, on the contrary, to allocate lacks. Both effects are achievable by means of change of the form and volume of lips.

If you do not like own lips it is possible to change the form and to make them bigger, executing a permanent make-up of lips. To give to lips volume and form it is possible and by means of injections of special preparations.

Which kind of make-up is yours?

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

11 Doing a make-up it is necessary to take into consideration not only the theory of a combination of colors, but also light and shade parity and intensity of colors. It is necessary to distinguish a neutral make-up and a make-up with color use. At a neutral variant a hair color, a skin and the make-up should match each other. Here colors of an ivory, white, beige, grey, chestnut and black are used. If you add bright colors, could be created a disharmony with natural color type.

Depending on color type of the person, the same make-up can look differently on different people.

Beauty Requires Sacrifice

Author: belan |Tue, 04/28/2009

готова на все

Women always tried to look beautiful. The women's beauty is a peculiar quality mark. We live with the appearance that nature gave us. But we always need more, so we use make-up every day and sometimes even night. We believe that cosmetics help us look younger and more attractive. Make-up it is not simple decorating of the face and addition to hairdressing and a suit. Correctly executed make-up will help to hide lacks and to underline advantages, will make your image brighter and more interesting, the attention and admiration of associates will draw to you, will make your style more complete. The make-up becomes one of ways of prolongation of a youth! Changes are connected with change of the social status, a way of life in appearance also. And the most important thing - the face skin changes the structure with the years. In pursuit of the youth and beauty, women very often risk their health and sometimes even life! The thing is that everyday usage of different cosmetics doesn't go without leaving a trace on woman's body.

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