Effective modes of work

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

55 To work less and to earn more. It would seem that it is impossible. All of us constantly convince that to earn more, it is necessary to work more. Result needs quality, instead of quantity, to it is quite possible to work less, and to have the best result.

It is necessary to think creatively to find more effective modes of work, but to begin with it is necessary to be opened to that your methods of work are not effective. Only after you recognize this, it is possible to start to search for ways of increase in efficiency of the work.

The work of your dream

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

32 People of the third millennium wish to be engaged in favorite and interesting job, receiving worthy payment and working with clever and always ready to help colleagues and with smart and fair manager. But in reality we face a lot of problems with getting job. Why does it happen?

Requirements to work of our dream are different. So, your problem - to understand what exactly you are looking for, and to decide, what points in your list of wishes to new work are most critical for you. Describe the work of your dream. After that you can develop and put into practice the plan on search of a position interesting to you. The worst way to find a job of dream is simply sitting and waiting, when it finds you.



Everything that we receive from life is what we have asked!

Author: admin |Wed, 06/10/2009

shutterstock_1427810 Why being on the identical launching sites, some women move forward quickly enough, they are perceived as equal partners and others remain good executive employees and no more? What is a secret of success of one and failure of others?

The first steps in a beginning of the career often happen difficult, we study on our own failures and errors, and we are getting experience. Gradually we become professionals. Unfortunately, professionalism is not always the precondition of career growth. Sometimes we seem to be rather well-experienced and seem to be professionals in what we are doing, but we are not growing up. In a beginning of the career we often think that it is enough to be competent and diligent in the work, benevolent and not to make conflicts. We wish to show that we can perform any work which even has been not qualified. Thereby we show the loyalty and diligence. Unfortunately, the only praise we get for such behavior is a label of the person, who can incur not qualified work instead of undertaking only those cases which can confirm our competence and abilities.

Talk about your achievements. Start only that work which will help you to show your abilities. Show the competence. Emphasize the main thing, do not stick in trifles. Nobody will appreciate your diligence and order on the working table, but your new ideas and innovations will be definitely appreciated much!


Everyone Can Be Successful

Author: belan |Fri, 05/08/2009

Everyone desires to know the secret of success and of the successful people. How to become famous, how to succeed in business, how to make a lump of money, how to obtain a complete return from the minor functionaries, how to win the trust of the partners and respect of the competitors, in a word, how to become the ace of aces - all interviews with the known personalities, the names of which lift the ratings of the magazines, newspapers, radio channels and TV-programs, are built on the unchanging interest to this question.

The successful people walk up on top, they are promoted in the career, they are awarded for their distinguished achievements, they travel to the distant countries, they are treated in the other way, than the ordinary people, they are envied by the people around.


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