The name mystery

Author: admin |Thu, 06/18/2009

54The mysterious, inexplicable power of names over destiny of the person was noticed long ago in ancient times. Christians, for example, up to a XVII-th century kept in secret a name given to a child at a baptizing, trying to deceive thereby evil ghosts. In Azerbaijan and Turkey a child was given two names: one of them was false, another - true, and at some people specially gave to children obviously bad names, like Dog Tail for the same reasons - to mislead a satanic host. The tradition to hide anyhow your name historians and ethnographers find almost at all nations of the world. Ancient have been assured that the Destiny of the person, a city and even the state is foreordained in his name. 

Days and Planets

Author: admin |Fri, 06/12/2009

34 Everyone wishes to learn more than what he can see and hear, everyone would like to learn the future, the further destiny, how it is possible to avoid possible errors, dangers, illnesses. At last, everyone would like to be happy, to be successful at work, to be sociable in dialogue with people, happily to arrange the home life, to make pleasant impression on associates, to be considerable ... People, as a rule, try to get advice on questions bothering them from the relatives, at lawyers, doctors, sociologists, sometimes at psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers ... and from themselves in particular. But the majority prefers not to ask anybody, as they are the same weak, narrow-mind people and can advise nothing.

Find the connection with the Universe inside yourself

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The people's consciousness today essentially differs from consciousness of ancient Egyptians, or inhabitants of India or other eastern countries.

Our ancestors considered that the person is a small Universe that all planets, the sun and galaxies are presented also in us that each external movement of any planet finds energetic conformity in us. Therefore own destiny can be understood, having calculated a celestial motion and having deduced from these calculations opportunities of own life. Considering a person as a microcosm there appeared also a medical astrology which puts sector of the Zodiac or a planet in conformity to each body and a part of a body.

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