Style Tips 101: Mistakes To Avoid

56 Do you ever glance around and think 'Urgh! What IS she wearing?!' It's easy to notice other people's styles mistakes, but sometimes it's a bit harder to analyze yourself. Do you feel unsure about how to make your clothes suit your body and how to accessorize? We all make mistakes, but read on for some basic tips on how to look good.

The first thing to be learned is not to consider magazines as a Bible! Don't let magazine or, a blog about a fashion to become an ultimate authority for you. Remember the hypnotic effect of the glam-industry: the majority of fashionable magazines and TV-channels show clothes which you would like to have, on magnificent, fine models.

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Yummy Mummies – pregnancy can be stylish


The day you find out you are going to have a baby can be one of the best days of your life. Let the pregnancy be the best time of your life as well! With many things to look forward to and some which you will probably dread, style and fashion during pregnancy should be something to embrace and be positive about.

When you start to show and your shape changes, you can begin to feel less stylish. Style of clothing during pregnancy is mainly defined by your way of life.

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Moving From Duo to Trio


When your child is born, it is difficult to describe your first feelings. You realize that your world has changed, and so has your family. Now there is one smaller, but nevertheless equally important and beloved family member in your house. For some people it takes some time to get used to this, for others - less.










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Fitness for pregnant women. Yes or no?

shutterstock_28008799_sm Doctors confirm: pregnancy is not illness and is a necessity throughout all nine months to lead a normal and healthy life where possible. Even if the pregnancy proceeds without complications or difficulties, it will still have a dramatic affect on our body, mind and appearance.

The most "suffered" part of the body, certainly, is the abdominal region. The skin is stretched for nine months, and additional weight is stored here too. Invest in a good daily moisturizer which will help keep the skin supple and less likely to develop stretch marks. Some moisturizers have been specifically develops to reduce the appearance of stretch marks too. After giving birth, it is important to remember you won't immediately return to your former shape. Yummy-mummy celebs give a false impression to new mums, as realistically the change in your body should be gradual and healthy. It takes many new mums several months or even years!

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You are what you eat? What the food you eat says about your character


On culinary predilections it is possible to judge the character of a person. Which category suits you most?

You love fruit

People who love fruits and berries are attentive and sensitive. They make friends easily so they have a lot of friends! Competition and rivalry is not for them; therefore fans of fruit often aspire to more humbling careers. Their destiny - such fields of activity in which it is possible to show the abilities to create. However, in the absence of ambition these people sometimes seem careless.

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Bonsai tree


In the Japanese language the word "bonsai" means not simply dwarf plant, but also a culture of its selection on a tray or in a superficial pot, a dish or the pallet. It is obvious that if the tree can be grown up on a tray there should be a method of growing tiny samples of this or that kind. The majority of arts of Japan in the past have been borrowed in China, and bonsai is not an exception, but in Japan this method developed and has grown to level of graceful art. In Japan it is possible to see the samples transferred from generation to generation.


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Double life: work and study

shutterstock_104931_sm To achieve a successful life, many of us lead a "double" life at some point, namely, combining work and study. Frequently, a career depends not only on practice, but also on level of knowledge. If you don't have the skill set to get a desired job, working and simultaneously studying might be an option for you. Not all jobs are based on your educational level, but generally speaking, people with good qualifications tend to advance up the career ladder quicker than those without.

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The name mystery

54The mysterious, inexplicable power of names over destiny of the person was noticed long ago in ancient times. Christians, for example, up to a XVII-th century kept in secret a name given to a child at a baptizing, trying to deceive thereby evil ghosts. In Azerbaijan and Turkey a child was given two names: one of them was false, another - true, and at some people specially gave to children obviously bad names, like Dog Tail for the same reasons - to mislead a satanic host. The tradition to hide anyhow your name historians and ethnographers find almost at all nations of the world. Ancient have been assured that the Destiny of the person, a city and even the state is foreordained in his name. 

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